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Looking for low-cost airline to take you to the main cities of Spain, Europe or perhaps South Africa? Then Vueling Airlines would be perfect for your next trip. In this Vueling Airlines Review, you will know how the airline company started, its flight destinations, and other services it offers.

Getting Started

Vueling Airlines, S.A. is a Spanish low-cost airline established in February 2004. Its operations started on July 1 of the same year with a flight between Barcelona and Ibiza.

Vueling Airlines Reviews - Vueling CEO Javier Sanchez-Prieto

Vueling Airlines CEO Javier Sanchez Prieto

Javier Sanchez Prieto has been the Chief Executive Officer of Vueling Airlines since April 2016. Prior to this, he worked as the Strategic Planning and Finance Director of Iberia since 2013. He is a graduate of Business Studies from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Technical Aeronautical Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. 

About Vueling

The head office of Vueling Airlines is located at El Prat de Llobregat Barcelona – Spain. Barcelona – El Prat Airport and Fiumicino Airport serves as the hubs of this airline. Vueling Airlines serves around 17 million passengers to over 100 destinations in Spain, Europe, the Near East, and South Africa. It has a fleet size of 145 aircrafts, 110 are in-service while 35 being ordered.

Vueling, in October 2016, shut down their bases in Brussels, Catania and Palermo for restructuring measures.

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 Their Website and Extras

The Vueling Airlines website allows you to check in online, check flight status and it provides assistance to passengers with specials needs. Information on choosing seats, managing flight bookings, bringing pets on board, and tips for flying, are only few of the things that you can access in their site. The website also has a list of destinations with their corresponding fare.

Vueling Airlines Reviews - website

Vueling Airlines also has two frequent flyer programmes, Punto and Iberia Plus. Punto allows you to collect points and use them to purchase flights to any destination offered by Vueling. Iberia Plus, on the other hand also allows you to collect points, but you can choose whether to get a flight to your chosen destination or have the points cashed in for other services offered by Iberia and other companies linked to the programme.

 Contact Details

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 93.378.78.78
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax: (+34) 93.378.78.79
  • Head Office Address: Parque de Negocios Mas Blau II Pla de l’Estany, 5 08820 El Prat de Llobregat – Barcelona

To Wrap It Up

Vueling offers the comfort of traveling to your dream destinations in Spain, Europe and Africa at a low-cost. Before booking your flights, be sure to READ their Terms and Conditions (just like what you did in this Vueling Airlines Review) to avoid unnecessary stress as you travel. Not only will it help you have a travel experience worth remembering, it also saves you the trouble of having to pay extra fees for not following the rules. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you’ve read the terms and booked your flights then you’re all set for your next adventure. I hope that you’ll Love the Way You Fly (as their slogan says). And if you feel like it, you can share your experience in this Vueling Airline Review.

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