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Origins and Ownership

Vacation & Travel Journal App Reviews brand iconThe Vacation & Travel Journal app lets users keep track of every step of their journey so they can look back on it. Travellers can add multimedia to their travel journal or website’s entries and plot their progress on a map using this travel service.

In our latest Vacation & Travel Journal app reviews, we take a look into one of the apps that connects people and places through visual presentation. We hope that these Vacation & Travel Journal app reviews help.

Services and Features

With the Vacation & Travel Journal app, travellers have their own way to record their vacation and create a lasting memory of their trip’s experiences. Working with the app can be done offline, though when you’re online you can upload the data you’re working on to preserve your progress.

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How the Vacation & Travel Journal app works is that you can track your journey’s many paths and trips visually on a map, utilising constant GPS readings. You can document the details of your trip with audio, images, video, and/or text. A free website is available for Vacation & Travel Journal app users where they can synchronise these data and share the website to their family and friends. You can do this through sharing in your website, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin accounts, e-mail, etc.

Vacation & Travel Journal App Reviews mobile deviceEach step can be meticulously represented on this travel journal. From the historical sites and monuments you saw and visited to the events you attended, the multimedia you just created and pinned on your map can also be instantly accessed to relive your memory.

Afterwards, you can even create a video memory of your trip. From your personal Vacation & Travel Journal app website, you can store and edit data and create reports and maps which you can download onto other spreadsheets and documents.

Reviews of Customers

Based on 219 Vacation & Travel Journal app reviews on Google Play, the travel app received a 3.7 star out of 5 rating. The most recent Vacation & Travel Journal app reviews noted some “Vacation journal shortcomings” writers felt needed to be addressed – “Cannot cut/ copy and paste. Needs to be able to print to file/ PDF of line for security. Needs to have ability to save maps for offline use. Can take a position reference, but cannot show it on map. Cannot change numbered event to dated event. When syncing, it does not carry over all media information to the cloud.”

Other Vacation & Travel Journal app reviews continued the list of complaints: Users reveal that the app crashes each time they add a photo, and that the app worsened after its last update. Overall, people want the old functionality back and hope that their suggestions for its improvement are considered.

How To Reach Them?

Use at Your Own Discretion

The Vacation & Travel Journal app has a lot of room for improvement. Generally, people aren’t satisfied with their services and hope that they upgrade and add more useful features.

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