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Turku Airport overview ReviewsTurku Airport, built in 1935 in Artukainen, was Finland’s first civilian airport. In 1955, a new airport was built in the municipality of Rusko, which became part of Turku in 1957. Since, Turku Airport experienced the growth and expansion that lead them to market towards low cost airlines by 2008, which became its differentiated service.

Turku Airport and its surrounding area are marketed as “LogiCity” to attract logistics companies and manufacturers to the airport’s site.

Check our Turku Airport reviews to peek inside the Finnish airport and what developments had been undertaken in the recent years.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Turku Airport interior ReviewsThe most recent Turku Airport reviews write, “Great airport, very easy to fly from here. Staff is very friendly,” and “Small but ha[s] all necessary facilities.” Many of these Turku Airport reviews claim that the airport, though small-sized, was comfortable and had quick and easy operations. However, these Turku Airport reviews also say that there’s not much to do inside as there are few shopping choices; most of these Turku Airport reviews noticed the airport’s small size.


Turku Airport wait area ReviewsTurku Airport has a single terminal called the Matkustaja Terminal (T1) with an information desk, a VIP lounge, a restaurant and catering facility, a child care room, a mail box, and fax services. At Turku Airport, travelers can avail of car rental services as well, taxi and public transport timetables, and use the airport’s open-for-all working area or reserve their usage of the meeting room.

There are Turku Cafés in the check-in lounge and the gate area. Located in connection with Turku Café, is a shop where one can purchase Moomin products, sweets and tax free drinks right before their flights depart.

Free Wifi Internet service connectivity is offered at Turku Airport. When you are within its range, a message “Free Wi-Fi for you by Finavia” will prompt you about its availability.


Turku Airport direction ReviewsTurku Airport is located 8 km north of the town of Turku, in Lentokenttä district in the small Maaria-Paattinen ward of Turku. Nearby landmarks and cities to Turku Airport are Turku, 8 km; Raisio, 7 km; Naantali, 20 km and Salo 50, km.

Turku Airport view ReviewsCheck out this link to view a list of the attractions and destinations or things to do near Turku Airport.

Location – Traffic – Service

The public-type airport had successfully accommodated 312,105 passengers, 3,626 landings, and 3,059 freight in tons in 2015 on its single long runway. Due to its passenger volume, Turku Airport

Is Finland’s fifth-largest airport, where it presently serves the Western center of Finland.

TNT Airways uses Turku Airport as a hub, and many other domestic and international airlines fly from the airport on direct and connecting flights around the world. For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Turku Airport, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

News and Awards

In February 2014, a 14 million-euro remodeling project began at Turku Airport which was expected to be completed later in that year. It involved the resurfacing of the runways and taxiways, and the construction of new berths for aircraft and was the cause of the shutting down of the airport for a four-week period.

By 2015, it was reported that Turku Airport’s SAS passengers would be able to use the self bag drop service.

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Turku Airport terminal ReviewsTurku Airport’s coming across to readers as advanced and progressive with their newest technology; this is a good sign that they’ll be able to weather the demands of the future while maintaining a copious reputation in Turku Airport reviews.

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