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Tromsø Airport is an international airport serving the Norwegian island of Tromsøva, Norway, and is located in Langnes, Tromsøya, Tromsø. Holding the distinction of northern Norway’s largest airport, Tromsø Airport further serves the northern and central parts of Troms county. Tromsø Airport reviews report that Tromsø Airport, located above the Arctic Circle, can get cold in the winter season, when passengers are advised to prepare with comfortable blankets and sleeping bags or mats if they are staying at the airport.

Currently, according to Tromsø Airport reviews, the airport flies limited domestic flights – mostly to Oslo and Finnmark – and towards other European cities and vacation destinations. Tromsø Airport opened on September 14, 1964, and was established for Tromsø to have a solution to their air travel needs, where it replaced the area’s previous water aerodrome.


Tromso Airport interior ReviewsTromsø Airport consists of two terminals – Terminal A and Terminal B – with limited shopping and dining options which close for the night. According to Tromsø Airport reviews, the terminal offers “free WiFi internet access, a restaurant, cafe, Irish pub, International Departure Bar, book & newsstand, 7-Eleven convenience store and a duty-free store.” Food and dining are at the domestic and international areas with cafes and restaurants serving pizza, bread, drinks, with airport sports bar O’Learys selling hamburgers, club sandwiches, steak, spare ribs, salads, various side dishes, and desserts.

Shopping, Tromsø Airport reviews write, may be as limited as their dining, but covers the domestic, international, and arrival areas, and mainly sells Norwegian and English reading material, small gifts and souvenirs, beauty and hygienic products, and travel accessories, with a Duty Free store available.

There is Wifi Internet service at Tromsø Airport, free for two hours at a time by connecting to the “AIRPORT” network and selecting “GRATIS WiFi.” You can connect again for two hours after the first two hours is up.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Tromsø Airport reviews write that the facility was “A great small and friendly airport […] All flights seem to come and go on time with no issues. Good choice of shops and eateries plenty of seating great views and friendly staff.” Other Tromsø Airport reviews show their joy at the place’s overall efficiency given its layout and structure and the people intent on helping all fliers.


Tromsø Airport is found 5 km to the northwest of the city center of Tromsø at Kvaloywegen, Highway 862 – which connects to nearby E-8 – where is is located on the western shore of the island of Tromsøva. Using the E-8 road and the road 862, Tromsø Airport can easily be accessed, and is ten minutes by car to and from the city center.

Landmarks near Tromsø Airport are Finnlandsskjæret, Sletteskjæret, Hamneneset and Selnesskjæret.

Location – Traffic – Service

Tromso Airport aerial view ReviewsIn 2015, Tromsø Airport had accommodated 2,009,146 passengers and 42,444 aircraft movements on its single 2,447-m asphalt runway, making it the fifth-busiest airport in Norway. It is currently a focus city for Lufttransport and Widerøe. The following are airlines flying to and from Tromsø Airport: Wideroe, Scandinavian Airlines, Norwegian, SunExpress, and Nextjet.

For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Tromsø Airport , using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

News and Awards

In the news about Tromsø Airport, a combination of factors caused recent trouble at airports in Tromsø, disrupting operations at some airports in Norway. Citing a “fuel suppliers’ strike, heavy summer traffic and a reduced staffing of a key air traffic control center” as the reasons for the flight delays, the article reported the development’s gravity had been settled with the help of some employees pitching in double shifts and successful agreements between the unions and employers’ organisations.

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Tromsø Airport has proven to be your typical airport, and its warm approach to passenger service is noticeable that a majority of positive Tromsø Airport reviews think they are agreeable and effective.

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