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Travelspice Reviews iconTravelspice is an online travel platform that is based in Bengaluru, India. Its main goal is to make all travellers have fun booking their hotels or other travel-related purchases through deep discounts – as much as 70% off on hotels – and the savings they can have using its special tools or services. The latter include the Quote Your Hotel Deal platform wherein the users can quote their ideal price for a hotel resulting in a perfect match fulfilling your preferences and Travelspice’s criteria. Also, more than 12 thousand hotels participate in Travelspice’s Quote Your Deal platform, so that they could sell their perishable inventory without lowering prices.

Our Travelspice reviews assess the Indian source of online travel deals and see whether its users confirm the travel company’s initiative to increase happiness by lowering prices and stress.

More Information on its Background

Travelspice has an interesting set of core values behind their organisation, the entirety of which you can read from their About Us page from their official website. In a nutshell, Travelspice encourages being adventurous and open-minded, and developing important values while learning and growing with them.

Travelspice Reviews CEO

Travelspice CEO Ramu Kallepalli

Ramu Kallepalli heads Travelspice as the company’s CEO, and had graduated from Andhra University with a Bachelor of Engineering, and then from Montana State University-Bozeman with an MS, Engineering degree. Just like Travelspice, Kallepalli supports causes that the service values such as networking and learning through experience. To him and to Travelspice, Culture is everything that is the difference between this and that successful travelling.

Reviews From its Users

There are 55 Google Travelspice reviews that showed their feedback for Travelspice’s services, however, the travel website had its share of negative Travelspice reviews, wherein one warns us readers: “One other thing to note, if any service provider claims that they’re taking you to a top notch, A+, first class place, don’t take their word for it.  Make sure to check it out yourself first and don’t be afraid to walk out.”

Mostly, the planning goes by uneventfully for both parties until the traveller arrives at his accommodation and sees the hotel room’s poor condition or disappointing quality – this particular issue was the most common complaint behind Travelspice reviews and is one of the most discouraging problems about Travelspice that made us wary of the kind of people they employ.

Checking Their Official Website

Travelspice Reviews official websiteTheir official website features colourful images but doesn’t look particularly reliable or professional, which give us the impression that Travelspice had taken their commitment to fun and happiness too far. The whole appearance was rather awkward, and their photographs – which form a major part of any travel website – were likewise blurry. To top that, I observed some grammatical errors at some parts of the site. looks like your typical travel website but their pictures paint an image that their hotel rooms, as written about in Travelspice reviews, aren’t as up to par as customers would want.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 080-3040-8282
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: #19, 5th Floor, Shivashankar Plaza, Richmond Circle, Bengaluru- 560 027, Karnataka, India

Not Recommended

Travelspice catches people’s interests but doesn’t make them feel satisfied; I suggest that they correct the errors that mislead on their website to start, so that the site’s users at least have access to the most accurate information online.

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