Have you ever heard of the two-hour airport rule? We all know that arriving in time for your flight means a few hours’ leeway for some things that might take up time or delay you while you are in an airport. It’s good to know that there are useful tips to save time in the airport such as the following:

1. Before you Exit

Tips to Save Time in the Airport check in

Checking in online can be done beforehand to save you time in the airport. This process will allow you to print your boarding pass, bypass the airport’s check-in line, to head straight to security, definitely saving you time the simplest way possible. This tip’s a no-brainer: airline websites and their respective apps allow you to check in online.

2.Weight or Wait


Crunch the numbers even at home, just like the first tip, by carefully weighing how much stuff you’ll pack that get through security. In this case, don’t exceed your baggage allowance and lose time rearranging your stuff at the airport; approximate all this before you leave home. Your dream of arriving at the airport and deplaning with no problems with your baggage, or simply armed with carry-ons, is doable.

On another note, notice the weight of your airport clothing or wait needlessly for these bulkier clothing of they’re actually inside your luggage: wear them instead to save you luggage space or money and time.

3. At the Airport


Save on time and money with The Airport Parking Reservations app which covers airport parking lots in America, Canada, and most of the UK. Using it, you can avail of discounts on parking services and reserve your parking space before you arrive at the airport. Wandering around crowded lots is a thing of the past with these new apps.

4. Ease Free


Keep calm and save time in the airport. It pays and saves time to be mentally alert every precious minute of the day-of travel. This includes knowing the airport’s layout and where your important papers and documents are: so you won’t get lost and delayed at the security line. Another pro tip is picking short lines and assessing which lines will be moving faster than the rest – not all waiting lines are the same, the faster ones being at the left or the far right sides.

5. Time of Day of Travel


If your flight leaves early the next morning, stay at an airport hotel to save you time before you get to the airport, which will be a stone’s throw away by now. Another tip to travellers is to choose what time their flights are; at nighttime, airports are usually less crowded and picking this time of day lets you zip through the airport process albeit keeping you you up through the night.


These tips are not only new to some of you readers but had been tested by time to really save you on a number of resources as you travel.

What do you think of these Tips to Save Time in the Airport reviews? Feel free to leave your comment here below!

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