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Splendia logo ReviewsTravel-lovers and e-commerce enthusiasts Elie de Coignac and Benoît Durand founded luxury travel brand Splendia in 2004 when they first met in Marrakech. After noticing the wealth of hidden gems of hotels with limited online presence, they set up their website which now showcases their carefully curated selection of 3,000 hotels worldwide. Splendia is the brainchild of their partnership committed to collating and aggregating the best of the world’s top hotels for easy access to high-quality travel vacations and destinations.

Our Splendia reviews assess the impact of a major hotel agency based on what people are saying and how they had designed their official website.

A Look at Their Past

As a luxury hotel brand, Splendia gives their customers the best classes of in-class service and the highest qualities expected of any hotel room. Splendia’s members are entitled to the company’s special rates and benefits for the ultimate accommodation experience among the most illustrious names in the business.

Splendia CEO Reviews

Splendia Co-Founder Elie de Coignac

According to Splendia reviews, the brand selects their “exceptional” collection of hotels considering their location, architecture, design, and services. Not only do they carefully each’s merits based on these criteria, Spendia takes a step forward visiting hotels and destinations so that they could offer the best to their customers.

Co-founder Elie de Coignac serves as Splendia’s current CEO. As of the present, Splendia’s expanded and their team is composed of more than 40 professionals.

What People are Saying

However, the Splendia reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber had been criticising Splendia, some reviews websites calling the service a “scam” and untrustworthy. In the latter website, Splendia had been maintaining a negative reputation, keeping only a 1.5/5 score-rating.

Because of their problems with Splendia, some of the reviewers end their Splendia reviews with, “They are no help in helping me renegotiate. Basically I am told tough luck for me. Steer clear! Other web sites much better.” There are two main issues behind these negative Splendia reviews: hotel overpricing and subsequent adding of a surcharge – at both times, Splendia doesn’t even make an effort to reply. They could have at least done their job properly or explained their actions.

The Official Website

Splendia website ReviewsWe see from Splendia reviews that the online travel service describes themselves as “A luxury hotel brand that provides a curated selection of exceptional hotels worldwide, bespoke service and great added benefits.” On their homepage, the most prominent feature would be their search engine and a large background photograph, which, featuring a swimming woman, somehow looks inappropriate; I feel that they could have chosen a better or more professional image. Enter the necessary information to search for hotels, villas, chalets, and apartments.

The website is organised enough to group their hotels understandably. Visitors can check out hotels by the most popular ones or via all of the world’s hotels which is at the lower portion. Like other hotels websites, Splendia also features their newest hotels or the best boutique hotels. Once you’re on their page, you can discover more about the different kinds of hotels which they have by clicking on the simply-arranged icons.

For more information, updates, and offers about Splendia, view their Twitter account here. Also, Splendia is available in other social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

Contact information

Not so Splendid

Splendia isn’t the best service of this type, we had seen so far. Their problems are so commonplace that it’s a curiosity whether they are even able to live up to their lofty mission vision; failure in the small things could also equate to ultimate failure.

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