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“When you book a hotel room on Roomer, you’re not only getting the best price–you’re also helping someone out.” This is how Roomer describes their services: what you see is what you get. A room that you desperately need, from someone who’s trying to save money having to let that room go is the unique business philosophy that drives a travel company like Roomer.

Roomer reviews, aside from being eye-openers revealing the truth behind the promise of Roomer, help us fully assess what’s really going on when someone buys or sells a room through this platform.

Information About Them

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If you had ever been pressed to book a room at the last-minute, you can expect that these accommodation come at cheaper prices though and since they may be more difficult to secure. That’s where Roomer enters the scene: their system is built on the buying and selling of “empty” rooms that are no longer needed by the sellers and which are snagged in good rates by buyers through the Roomer system.

Apparently a platform as easy as 1-2-3, based on Roomer reviews: sellers simply enter a few details about their reservation and Roomer will add the images and further information, and when buyers book a room through their system, the buyer’s name will be added to his reservation so that buyers pay through Roomer and the seller gets compensated via Roomer’s Payment Guarantee for the sale.

To get to know the story and the team behind Roomer’s operations, view this link from their website.

Find Out What People are Saying About Them

Roomer Reviews brand iconWe checked and read several Roomer reviews; there was a Flyertalk forum about them and Roomer reviews or actually “complaints” on Tripadvisor which all shared one thing in common: people’s dissatisfaction with the online travel service. Mainly, they say that Roomer’s customer service is lousy and that their prices aren’t attractive enough for buyers; as other Roomer reviews quote:

“Yeah, most of the prices I’ve seen on roomer aren’t compelling enough to make me want to chance it. I’d be interested mainly as a seller if for some reason I had to cancel plans after making a nonrefundable hotel reservation,” while others end with do not book with Roomer.

A View of Their Official Website

Roomer Reviews official websitePersonally, when I visited their official website, I was turned off by how it looked: simply showed some rather unappealing photographs and the appearance, though having a standard layout and design, resembled an excessively formal albeit unserious business despite their brisk attitude to make travel exchangeable and tradable.

Scroll lower until you reach the end of the homepage to get a whole feel of what Roomer offers: amazing and last-minute deals, secret deals, their top cities with their prices, and the options to join their community and their mailing list.

Roomer Reviews wesbiteRoomer has online presence on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the buttons of which are located at the bottom most portion of the homepage. There are actually Testimonials or Roomer reviews on their official website, and these are located at the bottom of their page as well.

Contact information

Do Not Book With Roomer

Roomer reviews contribute that Roomer has an “interesting premise,” but that they’re just going downhill with their weak prices and poor relationships with their frustrated customers. Also, the people behind their system aren’t helping the process; it looks like a long problem-ridden road with Roomer.

If you have anything to add to these Roomer reviews, feel free to leave your comments here below!

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