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Portland International Airport is the largest airport in the US state of Oregon, where it accounts for 90% of passenger traffic within the state. Sometimes called simply PDX, it serves Oregon and its city of Portland, connecting to many international cities. The airport is located 6 miles by air and 12 miles via highway to the northeast of downtown Portland.

As of recent Portland International Airport reviews, the American airport has been noted in the industry for its environment friendliness, dining choices, location convenience, safety and security, and is famous for the unique design of its carpeting. Portland International Airport reviews give us another view about the award-winning airport based on people’s personal experiences.

Portland International Airport interior ReviewsReviews – What People Are Saying

Portland International Airport rates highly among Portland International Airport reviews online, with a 4.5-star final score based from 1,384 Portland International Airport reviews. Mostly, the positive Portland International Airport reviews were directed to the speedy Wifi Internet connectivity, interesting interiors, and the extensive shopping and dining options. You can check out the Portland International Airport reviews here in this link.


pdx-diningAccording to Portland International Airport reviews, the airport has “a wide variety of nice shops with an overall friendly atmosphere and as equally friendly staff.” There are many things that you can purchase at Portland International Airport, ranging from apparel and Portland International Airport interior Reviewssportswear, electronics and entertainments, wine, and news material. According to Portland International Airport reviews, the airport stands out with its authentic local Portland dining, along with several other choices at its indoor food court: “with plenty of seating” and international cuisine; other fare are healthy food options, bars, cafes, and grills.

People can easily access the free Wifi service at the airport by connecting to the `flypdx`network; for more information about the access to their Wifi, refer to this link from their official website.


Portland International Airport directions ReviewsOn the way to Portland International Airport, airport drivers can witness several off-the-road signs signaling about traffic congestion, parking availability, and other important announcements. Driving to the airport takes around half an hour from downtown Portland, where it is located on the Airport Road, off Interstate Hwy 205. On the other hand, it takes under forty minutes using the MAX light rail service.

The Vancouver Land Bridge, Glenn L Jackson Memorial Bridge, and the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site are all within a few miles of Portland International Airport.

Location – Traffic – Service

Portland International Airport terminal map Reviews

The airport serves as a hub to Alaska Airlines and Horizon, and is serviced by major airlines that fly direct and connecting flights throughout the world. Portland International Airport has a total of three runways which in 2015, accommodated 16,850,952 passengers and 218,021 aircraft operations.

Portland International Airport is the gateway to destinations within Oregon and to a number of global cities, flying nonstop to Canada, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. To search the nonstop destinations of Portland International Airport, enter the destination or airline through this link.

News and Awards

Portland International Airport had been garnering awards in recent years for it world-class quality from different award-giving bodies: magazine Conde Nast Traveler awarded it the “Best Domestic Airport” award for the fifth year in a row, while Travel & Leisure ranked the airport first place among airports in the United States of America.

In the fall of 2016, Concourse E will begin its extension by 210 feet, accompanied by the building of new ground loading facilities. By 2016, it is expected that the airport’s “Federal Inspection Station remodel work, new canopies, new security access control system, and the relocation and expansion of north and south security checkpoint exit lanes, and new passenger waiting area” will be completed.

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Portland International Airport overview eviewsPortland International Airport deserves its ranking as one of the best airports in the world: with their current projects and initiatives, they will continue to impress a great number of airport travellers and make their stays a pleasant visit.

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