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Park.Sleep.Fly: All travellers may have had to use taxis or airport shuttles as they land on their destination and many had been challenged with the haggled prices that had left them desirous of a single-stop service that covers all these travel aspects – hotel and parking – in a titular package. According to ParkSleepFly reviews, ParkSleepFly saw the need for customers to purchase a travel package that takes care of their accommodation and transportation during their trip, and since, this business had been igniting the trend to seamlessly sync multiple travel needs on one level.

Origins and Ownership

ParkSleepFly service ReviewsParkSleepFly is a BBB-accredited business. 2002 was the year that their whole enterprise found its roots in, as they discovered a niche in the market to try out their business idea of providing total airport hotel and parking packages. Further, these particular ParkSleepFly packages include the following: “offer a night at a hotel near the airport, free shuttle service to and from the terminal, and parking for the duration of your trip, all for less than you might pay for parking alone.”

Since then, ParkSleepFly had expanded to include cruise port parking packages and hotel-only packages to their itinerary. Also, they ease their customers’ minds by eliminating cancellation fees and by providing stellar customer support, on top of their decidedly competitive deals. Basically, ParkSleepFly offers hotel and parking packages at rates that are cheaper than booking either alone, that gives them an edge in the industry.

What do People Think of Them?

The ParkSleepFly reviews on Trustpilot are actually a mix of positive and negative ParkSleepFly reviews, though we noticed that among the most recent are complaints about their poor customer service and less than “seamless” service. The most recent negative ParkSleepFly reviews wrote that he had requested for a change of date on his reservation, yet he still hadn’t received a reply or response from the ParkSleepFly team, and this review rated ParkSleepFly with only two stars.

Viewing Their Website

ParkSleepFly website ReviewsAll the features of are flush at the center of the homepage, and uphold a bright colourful design scheme with their central hues of blue, green, and orange. At the upper right hand corner of the homepage, users can sign in to their ParkSleepFly accounts; they can conduct the travel website activities such as searching and booking for the combo services that ParkSleepFly provides.

At around the middle of the homepage, users can view the top cities which possess the ParkSleepFly packages, and these include Toronto, Buffalo, and Boston, among others. At the lowest portion of the page, you can further explore the many services and features of ParkSleepFly, such as reading their official blog from this link, and learning airport information.

ParkSleepFly has presence on social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google+.

Meanwhile, check their FAQs page here in this link. Concerned customers can contact the ParkSleepFly team either by filling up an online form or via their Chat feature.

Contact information

Do Not Use This Service!

ParkSleepFly icon ReviewsParkSleepFly needs to brush up on some of their key operations; they’re far from perfect, but they’d had decades to upgrade their management and business and by now should know better what their customers really want on top of their main services.

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