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Based on the passenger volume they accommodate yearly, Luleå Airport is the fifth-largest airport in Sweden. The Swedish airport traces its roots to 1941 as military airfield F 21 Luleå, and then started its civilian operations to Stockholm on September 11, 1944. Meanwhile, their present terminal was first unveiled in 1984. They managed to extend their runway – now the longest in Sweden – to the purpose of being a fuel stop for long-distance cargo flights.

 Luleå Airport Reviews exterior viewLuleå Airport reviews note that people prefer to use the airport over others when travelling to Luleå, which is reason behind their steady passenger count throughout the years.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

The Luleå Airport reviews which we found on Airlinequality quoted about his experience at the Swedish airport: “Small but good airport. I visited it two weeks ago and I found it to be clean. It’s true that there not many people – principally flights of SAS and Norwegian – but I liked it, especially the “after control” zone, where two bar/restaurants. The check-in zone is clean and well organized with an active information point. Positive general impression from this airport.” He rated his Luleå Airport reviews 8/10.

 Luleå Airport Reviews passengerMeanwhile, on Google Reviews, Luleå Airport received a score of ⅘ based on 37 Luleå Airport reviews, wherein reviewers comment that it’s efficient, convenient, and the staff and services or facilities were professional.


 Luleå Airport Reviews interiorThere is ATM and currency exchange at Luleå Airport. In terms of leisure and entertainment, airport visitors can shop and dine at the number of options within, such as their Duty Free store and their other shops, and their restaurants, cafes, and bars such as Café Biggles and SSP Restaurants AB.

 Luleå Airport Reviews Duty FreeWiFi Internet connection is available for three hours at Luleå Airport for no charge, or a consumption of 100 MB; simply connect to the “Airport-Guest” network to start browsing your favorite websites.


Luleå Airport is located approximately 7 km southeast of Luleå city center where it is situated near the village of Kallax, Sweden. Driving from the center of Luleå, simply follow the signs leading to the airport.

Location – Traffic – Service

In 2015, Luleå Airport had successfully accommodated 1,177,443 passengers and 6,789 total landings on its single asphalt runway. Their passenger volume actually makes them one of the largest airports in Sweden.

 Luleå Airport Reviews airlinesA number of domestic and international airlines serve Luleå Airport, flying direct and connecting flights to points around the globe. Luleå Airport itself, serves the majority of municipalities in Norrbotten, where it is the largest airport in northern Sweden or “Norrland.” For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Luleå Airport, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

News and Awards

According to Luleå Airport reviews, in 2013, the airport’s single passenger terminal underwent the following changes: “new baggage hall & baggage sorting facility, a larger check-in area, more seating, new flooring, new lighting & wall decor, added restrooms, extension of gates 2 & 5; a new passport control (now one level up from the security checkpoint); overhaul around the terminal entrance, taxi stand & rental car operations, a new entrance, and widening of the taxiway.”

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: LLA
  • Phone number: +46 10 109 4800
  • Website URL:
  • Email:
  • Address: Flygstationsvagen 4, Lulea, 972 54, Sweden


Based on reading through several Luleå Airport reviews, we see that this Swedish airport is not only attractive to use but functional and “efficient.” With great services in all aspects, it offers people respite from the busy-ness of travelling and helps them properly relax in time for their flight.

Lulea Airport Reviews runway

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