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Keytel logo Reviews“Make rooms for your best moments.” Keytel, in 2007, groups their hotels into brands based on hotel types to help travel agents provide the best hotels to their customers. Some of these brands are the following: Prestige Hotels of the World, Domus Selecta, Style Hotels, and Aqualis Hotels which all offer distinct kinds of selections of boutique hotels and establishments with different designs and services, a selection made up of a varying number of chosen hotels.

Our Keytel reviews will view the service which aims to comprehensively complete people’s travel planning and get them the hotels they’re looking for.

Tracing Their History

Keytel offers a collection of hotels on its online platform that matches searches with organised results for efficient travel needs-hunting. Their hotels are classified under different categories considering their “standards of the facilities, interior decoration, quality and features of the establishments comprising each one.” This grouping, segmentation, or categorisation uses Keytel’s own standards and scoring criteria – regardless of what is the kind of hotel or how it is perceived and rated in its own country or region – to provide a different direct unbiased approach of assessing a hotel’s quality.

According to Keytel reviews, the portfolio group has more than 1,500 hotels spread throughout 5 continents, and allows for VAT-included booking and operates with an online billing system facilitated by F.N.M.T.

Their Website and Keytel Reviews

We checked out their official website and found their layout and design to be simple and understandable. Meanwhile, here is a link to their official blog.

On their site’s search engine, users can search for hotels by entering in their check-in and check-out dates, number of room and nights, and what age or kind – adult or children – are checking in. Access to manage your booking is clearly represented on the page. Lower down the homepage is the option to sign up for their deals distribution by entering in your email address.

Visitors are easily inspired with Keytel’s featured top destinations and recommended hotels. The images may be rather small but are often distinct and highly-coloured.

The latest of the Keytel reviews was actually backdated to February 4, 2012, and the reviewer introduced his Keytel reviews sharing his disappointment of the hotel he had to put up with. He said that he was misled and had to use a hotel room that didn’t match what he had expected. His Keytel reviews are rated 2 stars. We see from these Keytel reviews that, at least, Keytel had not adequately accomplished its reservation for this client.

Contact information

  • Keytel Spain ReviewsWebsite URL:
  • Contact number: 93 216 38 46
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: 93 454 11 08
  • Head Office Address: Mallorca, 351, 08013 Barcelona

Not Recommended

Keytel brand logo ReviewsKeytel, so far according to some Keytel reviews, hadn’t exactly been flawless or seamless in its services and performance throughout the years: some negative Keytel reviews can be discouraging to interested or first-time users who after seeing the few Keytel reviews may avoid using this service due to their common errors. In this case, the less the Keytel reviews the worse because everyone doesn’t know how to situate Keytel and build trust with them without further knowledge.

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