JustFly Reviews 2018 – Many people have their reservations in regards to using online travel agencies to book their flights and a lot of people prefer to stick with booking directly through the airlines in thinking that it must be cheaper to go directly through the source, right? While that may be true on many occasions using an online travel agency like JustFly (or the many others) does provide an advantage which is that online travel agencies are designed to search across an entire network of airlines who’re all selling the same tickets, compare prices and deliver users the cheapest possible price.

So basically what JustFly does take the booking information you enter into their website, use that information to search across all of the airlines offering that itinerary then show you the cheapest option out of all of them so that you don’t have to manually do that work yourself. And now, since there are so many travel agencies around doing the exact same thing the question we must ask ourselves is: “Who’s the cheapest of all the travel agencies?”.

In this JustFly review we’re going to be looking into that very question by selecting some preset itineraries and searching them across all the major online travel agencies, then compare the prices. While this isn’t a fool proof system, considering there are millions of potential itinerary combinations, we’re going to get a general idea by following this method.

JustFly Price Reviews – 2018

Comparison 1

The first comparison we’ll do is for the following itinerary YUL (Montreal) to YYZ (Toronto) from June 1rst 2018 to June 15th 2018 and we’re going to be looking at the following sites:

Orbiz.com Price Review – $192.00

CheapTickets.com Price Review – $206.00

PriceLine.com Price Review – $ 191.66

JustFly.com Price Review – $191.48

Result – JustFly is the Cheapest

While only by a hair, in this comparison JustFly was the cheapest but only by 18 cents slightly cheaper than Priceline. Still, in our books, a 18 cents saved in 18 cents earned. Let’s move on to the next JustFly review comparison.


Comparison 2

The next comparison we’ll look it will be US based going from LAX (California) to SFO (San Fransisco) from June 1rst to June 15th again. We’ll be comparing Orbitz, Onetravel, Cheapoair and JustFly.


Orbitz.com Price Review – $101.00

OneTravel.com Price Review – $129.40

Cheapoair.com Price Review – $129.40

JustFly.com Price Review -100.40

Result – JustFly is the Cheapest

Again, for American searches JustFly took the cake. Only by 60 cents compared to Orbitz, but still cheaper. Justfly is at a 2/3. Let’s see how they do on the final comparison.

Comparison 3

For the previous two comparisons we looked at popular destinations, so for this last comparisons let’s take a look at two more obscure destinations just to add variety to our final score here. We’re going to look at a flight from Oklahoma (OKC) to Minneapolis (MSP) from July 1st to July 15th.

Onetravel.com Price Review – $342.40

Cheapoair.com Price Review – $373.20

Orbitz.com Price Review – $343.00

JustFly.com Price Review – $342.40

Result – JustFly is the Cheapest

Again, JustFly came in first place for the final price comparison but as we can see Orbitz is a pretty good contender to them, but not quite enough. In this comparison JustFly came in 60 cents cheaper then Orbitz, and in like all the other comparisons the other online travel agencies weren’t even close. Again, we can say that from this JustFly review,  JustFly in general does have very competitive prices, just by looking at a few comparisons like this but it’s not an overall rule so we’d suggest doing your own comparisons when booking a flight.

Thank you for reading our JustFly Reviews 2018, we would like to hear about your personal experience with the company if you hyave had any, please post your comments below.

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