NAVITIME for Japan Travel will help you go to and from the different destinations in Japan as if you are a local. When you are in Japan, its NTT free Wi-Fi does not require an ID, you can use your email address to connect and use their services. This Japan Travel App Reviews will discuss about the features of the app and some feedback from other users of the app which can help you decide if this app is worth downloading.

Japan Travel App Reviews - Japan Travel AppJapan Travel App’s Services and Features

Japan Travel App Reviews - Japan Travel App Travel Articles aJapan Travel App provides you with basic guides and information about traveling to Japan. Articles and reviews on internet connection, transportation, money, driving, food, and travel stories and experiences shared by foreign travelers are available on the app. The information you can get from these articles can serve as your guide as you travel and explore the beauty of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Navitime for Japan Travel helps you find your way from your preferred point of departure to your destination. It also provides a guide for all modes of transportation, trains and subway lines, taxis, ferries, and airplanes, so you can choose which one is suited for your needs.  You can also access useful information like, the most convenient carriage number for train transit, station list and platform number to make traveling easier and more convenient for you. Using this app, you can directly search for a destination using a zoomable interactive map, save up to 50 recently searched routes that you can access offline, and save your route search result in your mobile calendar.

The Off-line Spot Search feature allows you to search for Free Wi-Fi hotspots (NTT Free Wi-Fi, FREESPOT, Starbucks, SoftBank Wi-Fi, and others), Currency Exchange, ATM, Station, Tourist Information Center, and “spot locator” which will tell you your approximate distance and direction to your chosen destination.

While you can download Japan Travel App for free, it also has paid features for users who want an enhanced version of the free app. The paid features include services such as getting route directions on the map, search for alternative routes in case of disruption to the original route, and viewing time tables of public transportation method from the route results.

Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

Japan Travel App Reviews - User reviews

Most users who wrote Japan Travel App reviews say that this app has been very useful. It provides the information that they need to go to and from one place to another. Although it is useful most of the users of the app complain about how much battery it uses even when the app is not running. Other complaints talk about walking directions that are not specific and some could not use the real time navigation feature.

How To Reach Them?

To wrap it up

Many Japan Travel App Reviews say that this app has simple and user-friendly interface, it is also very helpful, especially when it come to providing the appropriate train station and platform number for travelers who do not know which one to take. Most of the negative feedback for this app talk about how this app drains the battery of the device even when the app is not in use. If your next destination is Japan, then this app is perfect for you. If you don’t want to risk spending money on paying for its special features you can use the free app to at least have an idea on how to find your way from one destination to another and know the correct train or bus to catch when you go to your chosen destination.

We hope that this Japan Travel App reviews has been helpful to you. You can share your thoughts and experience in using this app and this Japan Travel App reviews on the comment box below.

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