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Iconic Skylines banner You’d be surprised with how many skylines there are in the world that are worthy of being admired  by viewers. With dozens from any vantage point, each had been cultivated throughout the years, and showcases marvellous feats of human engineering and national standpoints on design. Here in these Iconic Skylines reviews, we take a view of five of the most popular Iconic Skylines that the experts and viewers had singled out for their towering and magnificent qualities.

Hong Kong

Iconic Skylines Hong KongHong Kong has 7,827 tall buildings in 1,053 square kilometers. Their two main skylines – on Hong Kong Island and on Kowloon – light up splendidly in the night and are reminiscent of the famous New York skyline. Compared to New York’s, Hong Kong’s skyline is composed of denser more “dramatic” buildings which also witness “A Symphony of Lights” – an occasional light show during special events – that link up some buildings with blazing lights from within and on the surface.

Toronto, Canada

toronto skylineToronto, like New York City, is the country’s most populous city and they hadn’t been scrimping on their slew of the next tallest towers set to change their city’s skyline. Toronto’s main skylines have handsome and dominant tall buildings, taking over the vision and sweeping over the landscape with unique structures rising from the ground showing off typically North American aesthetics. Toronto is home to some traditional beauty and great height in their skyscrapers, and they plan on constructing hundreds more by 2020.

New York, United States of America

new york skylineNew York’s skyline is inarguably one of the most recognisable in the world as it has been for several decades. The city has 6,202 tall buildings in 800 square kilometers. New York City’s skyline includes the princess-like Chrysler Building and Empire State Building. Set out in the city’s future are creative visualisations of the new super-structures that are going to change the New York skyline forever, such as the area’s new 2 World Trade Center which is only part of the master plan for the whole site.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Iconic Skylines Rio de JaneiroKnown above all for the Christ the Redeemer statue, which on its own stands as a world landmark and center of the Rio de Janeiro skyline; in lists, Brazil’s skylines had been described as having an almost “unnatural” topography. The aerial view or seen from a mountaintop or ideally from Copacabana Beach, encompasses odd geographical features which blend with the buildings; the slopes of mountains, the bodies of water, and the low clusters of smaller buildings create the distinctive Rio de Janeiro skyline.

Seoul, South Korea

Iconic Skylines SeoulSeoul, South Korea has 4,397 tall buildings in 616 square kilometers. Seoul’s typically metropolitan skyline had made it to Top Skylines of the World lists, and features an economic arrangement: the buildings are grouped next to respective businesses or residential districts, with an increasing number of residential buildings raising the skyline to new heights. The jampacked modern quality represents Seoul’s status as being one of the most technological places in the world. Most of their buildings shoot right from the middle of central business districts and display the city’s quirk or flair in design.

For as long as there is a horizon and beautiful sceneries framing your point of view and eyeline, Iconic Skylines would always manage to inspire you.  If you have anything to add to these Iconic Skylines reviews, feel free to leave your comment here below!


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