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HRS logo ReviewsHRS stands as Europe’s “leading hotel booking portal” and presents more than 300,000 hotels in 190 countries and more than 400,000 holiday homes and apartments in Europe in its online portal. The concept behind HRS, on the other hand, lies simply in their assurance that their customers are getting the best prices on unique hotel deals across the globe when they book with HRS. HRS accompanies their hotel booking information with images, videos, reviews, and descriptions of the hotels to assist customers make the right booking decisions. We see from these HRS reviews that HRS stands for something else in the eyes of the customers who had experienced the service firsthand:

A View Into Their Origins

HRS CEO Reviews

HRS CEO Tobias Ragge

HRS or “Hotel Reservation Service” is an online hotel booking service which began with Robert Ragge in 1972 as an online travel agency. Now, his son Tobias continues the family-run business which had since expanded to an employee count of more than 1,300 worldwide. With the company’s services, HRS users can get large discounts on hotel accommodations, with corporate travellers availing as much as 30% off on rooms.

Tobias Ragge is a member of the second generation of HRS founders, and had been serving as HRS’ CEO and Managing Director since March 2008. It was in 2004 that Ragge first entered the company as Executive Assistant; his first professional position was with European airline Lufthansa in 2002. Ragge had matriculated at the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany, studying international business administration.

Discover People’s Comments

HRS customer room ReviewsOne of the HRS reviews writes about HRS’ suspicious fraudulent activity: “HRS is a bogus online travel company. They don’t even have the contract with hotels listed on their website. When we contacted the hotel for confirmation verification, they informed us that the booking is declined due to no contracts with HRS.” With regards to HRS’ actual offered hotels, some HRS reviews write that they were underwhelmed with the lack of choices shown on the collection – some reviewers complain that they have to go elsewhere to complete their whole trip’s accommodations. Other HRS reviews say that the “Booking system not user friendly. Customer service not helpful.”

All in all, HRS has been leaving a wide gap in their customers’ satisfaction and their own business practices surfaced in actual reviewer experiences as being shady and insufficient. To see more of these HRS reviews, refer to this link.

Their Official Website

On their official website, site visitors can check out the deals and offers, theme hotels, business travel, and further hotels under these categories. Options to book as Groups are also showing on the page. Website visitors can change the language of the pages at the upper right hand portion of the screen.

HRS focuses on its clients getting the ultimate satisfaction with their company, and they offer a money-back guarantee or a price-match and the capability to cancel with no additional charge up to 6 pm of their reservation date. Furthermore, HRS is available on a wide array of mobile platforms, which you can learn more about in this link.

An option to subscribe to the HRS newsletter is showing at the Contact page, where subscribers get inclusive access to special hotel discounts, exclusive prizes, and advanced information. Meanwhile, if you have any concerns, comments, or suggestions with HRS, feel free to contact their support team here in this link.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact Phone: +1 866 8399731 (24/7)
  • Head Office Address: The Triangle / 5-17 Hammersmith Grove, London W6 0LG, Great Britain

Avoid the Hassle and Confusion

HRS brand icon ReviewsIf HRS has anything to cover up, they should at least improve how they treat their clients. Since they focus on people saving with them, they should back up their performance with more credibility and professionalism by creating a better image and drawing closer to their customers.

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