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Knowledge. Experience. Capability – are the main goals and values of the HRG business, as seen from HRG reviews.

HRG logo ReviewsCheck out our HRG reviews to learn more about the travel organisation HRG and how it works: these HRG reviews are based from our personal experiences with the travel group aiming to help companies from all over the world access travel opportunities thus saving them time, money, and stress.

Origins of the Service

The network of HRG covers 120 countries, with 14,000 people, worldwide to offer a unique global service to their international clientele. Also, HRG places a premium on their own people to deliver the best service to their users.

According to HRG reviews, HRG is a part of the more-than-170-year-old Hogg Robinson Group. HRG stands out with their commitment to save their customers time and money by providing them with their travel needs – even done at the last-minute – so that their companies can arrive at their destinations on time and ready to do business. HRG’s services include corporate travel, meetings, groups, and events, consulting, government, and energy and marine. They provide the solution to companies’ travel needs, and it is HRG’s business to transport their customers to their destinations in the most efficient ways that uphold their standards and make use of their operations.

HRG CEO David Radcliffe Reviews

HRG CEO David Radcliffe

The CEO of HRG is Mr. David Radcliffe. He initially joined the Hogg Robinson Group in 1978 and was appointed a member of the board in 1989, and then became its Chief Executive in 1997. Also, according to HRG reviews, Radcliffe serves as a Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, and a Companion of the Institute of Management, aside from being a non-executive director of transport and logistics services provider Wincanton plc, and a member of its Audit, Nominations and Remunerations Committees.

More Information About Their Website

Unfortunately, there are little to no HRG reviews online from which to base our opinion on. In this case, we will rely on the general appearance of their official website to come up with our own HRG reviews.

HRG blog ReviewsTheir official website features a red and white colour scheme and even has several small moving white airplanes behind their company description. The layout and design is simple and professional-looking, and features company descriptions, information on their main services, news about them, and their own publication at the bottom. It’s also straightforward to use: you can select your country at the top right to get started, and when you get into trouble in the process simply click on their Travel Emergency button above this. Click on each of the services at the middle portion to learn more about HRG’s core offerings for your company.

Contact information

A Warning About HRG

If you are interested in HRG, prepare to conduct further research, as the only HRG reviews we had encountered pertained to their employees’ accounts of working with the company. However, aside from appearing quite costly, HRG may not work for just anyone, and that is noticeable from our HRG reviews. It’s up to you whether to trust them, yet, based on our HRG reviews, I can easily choose a travel service that has more information online.

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