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Hotusa is marketed as the “THE FIRST INDEPENDENT HOTEL CHAIN IN THE WORLD” – they encourage their users to Discover the world with the best hotel deals. In fact, they are also known as the first European chain of independent hotels tracing their company’s beginning from 1977 when hotels groups in the region decided to form an organization that would offer business and marketing services for their independent hotel members.

Hotusa building Reviews

Our Hotusa reviews look further beyond the beginning and point of origin of Hotusa to assess what are its most salient qualities and notable features:

Where and How They Began

Hotusa has its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, where it first saw its company’s fruition after the initiatives of its founding members to forge a community for hotels groups’ benefits. Currently ncluded in the Hotusa network are 2,500 hotels in 48 countries.

As observed, Hotusa aims to help their members become more competitive in the international market, even against big players; marketing, distribution, exclusive representation, membership, technology, quality systems and supplies are the company’s hard points, according to Hotusa reviews. Hotusa envisions a wider choice of these services through their own business.

Find Out People’s Comments

One of the Hotusa reviews had this to say about Hotusa: “This review may not be for holiday makers and customers, but if you are hotel owner/manager – stay away from Hotusa, go with, hotelbeds or any other reputable company.” He had problems getting the payment in exchange of giving out his hotel services via Hotusa, and then complained that their customer service was just as appalling.

The titles of the most recent Hotusa reviews were actually, “HOTUSA NO Refunds? forget it, promises, promises never use these people” “Very bad service!” and “Scam and fraud, stay away from,” – all in all, the Hotusa reviews on Trustpilot gave the travel service 4.9/10 stars.

“They have a bad record on customer service. Don’t book with this scam company,” another of the Hotusa reviews says after his refund for a decidedly awful hotel stay was ignored then forgotten.

A View of Their Official Website

Hotusa official website ReviewsThe option to interchange the language of the website is shown at the upper right hand portion of the homepage. The layout and design of their page is kept simple with a blue and orange colour theme background and saturated photographs of places and people relating to travel.

When you search for hotels on, simply enter destination, dates, and details of travelers and then Search for Availability. Below the search engine, we can see what kinds of hotels they offer, though according to our Hotusa reviews, they even had a misspelling in some parts of their content.

The rest of their website is easily navigable since the extent of the page itself is not long, and at the bottom, you can view the top or recommended hotels or activities by Hotusa. Meanwhile, the option to subscribe to Hotusa’s newsletter is also showing at the lower portion of the homepage; simply enter your email to sign up.

To further understand what Hotusa is about, read their sections about their hotel services, services for agencies, and services for companies at the lower tabs.

You can check more of Hotusa’s contact details to stay connected with them on this page. For more information, updates, and offers about Hotusa, view their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Hotusa office ReviewsWebsite URL:
  • Contact number: + 34 93 268 10 10
  • Contact Email:;
  • Head Office Address: Mallorca 351, 08023 Barcelona

Concluding Words

Hotusa business people ReviewsFrom the beginning, we should feel safe with a travel company, but that is not the case with Hotusa. Hotusa seems to be reckless in their customer care; at the instance of issues, they should endeavour to solve all problems to prove their focus on their so-called objectives.

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