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A Brief History of HotelTonight

HotelTonight App user ReviewsEver needed a place to stay for the night? That’s the end-all-be-all and one of travelling’s greatest expenses; visiting another place or country demands your setting up camp somewhere that will satisfy you for your short-term stay. Not only we but the HotelTonight app understands you and your hotel requirements, so the latter built and launched their company fuelling the introduction of their website’s mobile version.

The basic services provided on their official website are present on their HotelTonight app used by almost ten million people booking their hotels on the go – what do these people think based on their HotelTonight app reviews? View our HotelTonight app reviews to learn more about the HotelTonight app and what make it different from other hotel booking apps.

What They Do

How does the HotelTonight app work? Apparently, booking a hotel takes as little as ten seconds – “three taps and a swipe.” As a background: HotelTonight has relationships with the hotels that pass their standards, and from this, they are able to give the latter’s lowest deals and greatest offers on empty rooms they want to immediately sell even on short notice, giving customers the best rates in the market.

HotelTonight App screenshot ReviewsTo help users select the hotel of their choice, the HotelTonight app groups hotels into Basic, Hip, and Luxe. At the right of each hotel’s rectangular icon is a green price signifying their GeoRates: even more discounted rates on top of the sales price. It’s pretty simple and straightforward, though some HotelTonight app reviews comment that the hotels are unfaithfully represented on the app: after searching using a rip-off search engine, the prices seem to have been slightly added onto or the hotels do not match their description on HotelTonight.

On the app are these hotel descriptions to give you a picture of the hotel you are meaning to book; and, some vacation or getaway destinations are also featured on their pages.

You can download the HotelTonight app from the App Store or the Google Play Store, directly from their official website.

What People Have to Say About Them

HotelTonight App place ReviewsWhen we actually viewed the HotelTonight app’s screenshots, we noticed the morbid colour scheme of purple and black that made it resemble more of a computer game or tabloid’s pages; in this case, the HotelTonight app’s reception depends on the customer’s’ taste but, overall, HotelTonight does not create a perfect impression.

Based on 45,768 HotelTonight app reviews, the app had garnered a 4.3-star rating. Their negative HotelTonight app reviews are plentiful and detail horrible experiences using the app. Sometimes acting up on their devices, the app would be deleted; at other HotelTonight app reviews, it was described as not allowing valid hotel searches due to system shortages and failures. One of the HotelTonight app reviews shared he had to contact HotelTonight for a refund over a mistaken booking he wanted to cancel; their end gave him “absurd reasons” for not refunding; other than that, other HotelTonight app reviews also noted that the HotelTonight app is way too expensive.

Do Not Book With This App Service!

HotelTonight app is not reliable and I wouldn’t recommend you use them – from the booking process to checking in, you’re not assured you’ll have a place to stay for the night and that risk is too dangerous in travel.

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