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How To Reach Them?

How Did Hopper Start?

Hopper App brand icon ReviewsHopper sprung from Montreal, Canada in 2007 from the minds of a group of business-minded pioneers CEO Frédéric Lalonde, Joost Ouwerkerk, and Sébastien Rainville. The company still keeps an office in Montreal, and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America. Since Hopper entered the travel market, their group had successfully secured funding for the company from numerous sources – Brightspark, Accomplice, OMERS Ventures, and BDC – more information about which you can find here.

The Hopper service is a mobile-friendly application which provides information to their users about travel-related and airfare or flight details. Our Hopper app reviews look at their history, the app’s features and services, and how people had been receiving the app regarding their own travels.

Further Details About the Travel App Service

Hopper App background ReviewsThroughout the years, Hopper had accumulated trillions of flight prices, and they inform their customers with predictions based from the service’s proprietary “big-data and smart” technology: “Hopper analyzes billions of flight prices daily to predict how prices will change, advising you to buy or wait,” states their app description. Hopper is helped with human representatives, and is an app which delivers insight into the flight changes that matter to their customers: the airfare drops.

Hopper lets you hop around the travel world with more information about when to book or fly and where to go to maximise on the possible savings with a particular trip’s details. How does it work? On their official website, an illustration of the whole initial process is outlined: once you’re on the Hopper page, you can set the date of your intended trip by tapping on the color-coded calendar to reveal Hopper’s advice on when the flight will be cheapest. Based on these data, you can decide if you Wait or Buy. If you choose to Wait, Hopper will keep busy waiting for flight changes for that trip and will notify you about any price drops, allowing you to save as much as 40% on tickets. Basically, Hopper will update you with flight information so that you book at the right time when the fare is lowest.

Hopper App app screenshot Reviews

You can download the Hopper travel app from the App Store and the Google Play Store and get your travelling running from this link.

Customer Comments

Hopper App app user Reviews“Excellent for cheap connecting [f]lights Not so much for direct flights,” writes one of the Hopper reviews. Many of the Hopper reviews found the app’s concept new, yet using it had simply given them other problems. These Hopper reviews write that as they start using the app, the prices climb higher and the recommendation to Buy does not show after several weeks. Eventually, the reviewers felt frustrated and had written that other online travel agencies were competing with the lowest prices on the Hopper app.

Our Final Word

The Hopper app is a different service but like the rest, it is not free from the usual problems hampering other travel apps. It is not even the best provider of deals online, so people easily bypass it towards their competitors.

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