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A World with Lonely Planet

Guides App a;pp user ReviewsBasically, the Guides app by Lonely Planet is a mobile version of the Lonely Planet website’s features but is packed with special services that enhance the mobile experience. Travellers who had loved Lonely Planet and its unique worldview can now enjoy their product and service with the new Guides app. Get your digital tour guide experience complete by reading the Guides app reviews which illustrate the transition from print to device as you travel.

An Overview of The App’s Services and Features

Guides App place feature ReviewsThe Guides app now covers information for 50 cities from all over the world, using an insider language on places the app users would like to be familiar with as they travel. With it, the mobile users can effectively navigate through foreign places which have tips and activities about them as you go. Imagine strolling around the streets or a market and reading the Lonely Planet profile about a nearby palazzo or finding out some event you can go to only minutes away – this is an example of the handiness the Guides app provides as a service.

Lonely Planet’s writers curate the city guides which the app users can refer to – these city guides come in handy to discover certain places all over the world. On the Guides app, cities are initially showing as small icons, wherein you will be lead to see, eat, sleep, shop, drink, and play categories about the city. Learning about each city is supported by the offline maps, phrasebooks, a Currency Converter, and advice and recommendations from Lonely Planet’s expert travel writers.

The app is a resource for all content relating to travel and destinations, a version of the Lonely Planet books which these app users have been familiar with. The Guides app is available on the App store, Google play, and

What People are Saying About Them

Guides App traveller ReviewsSo far, however, the Guides app reviews are not so high; the app had only acquired a 4.1 star rating on their reviews page. Most of these Guides app reviews were commenting that they had been familiar with the paper version of Lonely Planet’s guides, and had always used the latter as a travel resource.

However, using the Guides app has not always been smooth-sailing. There had been reports with troubles uninstalling or deleting the app. Though the Guides app has a number of cities they guide you around in, users are also waiting for more cities to be featured in the future.

Our Final Words

Guides App screenshot ReviewsWith the upgrading of the Guides app to a newer version, Guides 1.0.5, travellers are given increased features and improvements on the user interface. We see in these Guides app reviews, however, that the newest version made the whole process more confusing, asking for connection and personal information as you go – we hope that the Guides app works things out as they add more place features.

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