FlightHub Reviews 2018 – Today we’re going to be looking at the large Canadian online travel agency FlightHub.com. While it rose up to be the largest online travel agency in Canada, it’s still worth looking into on whether or not they are reputable, reliable and are satisfying their customers needs. So today, that’s what we’re going to be looking at with this 2018 Flighthub Review. We’ll take a look at what people have been saying about the company online, from reputable sources. Not just anyone though, real, verified customers.

Where do we find real, verified customers you may ask? Well, there are a few reputable online review platforms such as Feefo, SiteJabber and TrustPilot which only allow customers who have can show proof of purchase to post a review. this ensures that the customer is indeed a legitimate customer and that the review they posted was indeed legitimate. Let’s look at the overall scores FlightHub received across these platforms.

Flighthub Reviews on Feefo, SiteJabber and TrustPilot 2018

Below are up to do screenshots of the overall customer satisfaction FlightHub has received across the 3 review platforms. On Feefo they received a 4.1/5 star review coming from over 5,500 real customers. On TrustPilot, they received a 4/5 star review coming from a whopping 72,000 customers and on SiteJabber a 3.5/5 star review from over 2000 customers.

FlightHub Review – Feefo

FlightHub Review TrustPilot


FlightHub Review SiteJabber


Overall, customers seem to be pretty happy with the service they have received from FlightHub. It’s absolutely unfathomable that they would receive perfect scores from such a large customer base considering the majority of customers who come online to post a review about a company are coming to complain. Considering all of this we can say with confidence that Flighthub is doing everything that it can to keep its customers happy.

FlightHub Reviews – Prices

Next, we went ahead and made a real time comparison with Flighthubs prices against a few of their competitors prices. Cheapoair and Expedia. We did a total of 6 price comparisons for the same itinerary and across all sites the result came back with FlightHub being the cheapest for all Canadian destinations. While this doesn’t mean that Flighthub is the cheapest each and every time, it certainly makes it probable.

We literally tried to find prices where flighthub was not the cheapest however it seems they are diligent in maintaining a strong competitive edge within the country they hold the most marketshare for. Whether it be just a few dollars cheaper, a dollar saved is a dollar earned.


FlightHub Reviews – Site Navigation

Next, we went on to Flighthub.com to see how user friendly it was. And, whether you’re intermediate or a beginner computer user you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding your way to the checkout page.

The website is very clean with big large boxes displayed for customers to enter their travel information into. After entering the information and clicking on the search button, customers are redirected to a search page showing all available flights to their destination organized by which is the cheapest. After that, for more intermediate users, or picky flyers, filters are available to remove certain airlines from the search, only show certain departure and arrival time windows and other such related filters.

After selecting the itinerary passengers are taken to a long yet simple page where they can enter their personal and billing information to complete the booking process. We can’t think of how this process could be more streamlined as it was extremely straightforward and efficient.

All in all, we give Flighthub a high review based upon seeing that customers are generally happy with them, the prices are great and the website very easy to use.

Have you had experience booking with Flighthub? Let us know in the comments below.

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