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Easytobook brand logo ReviewsBooking a hotel room seems simple but you should be sure that you’re getting what’s been promised to you. Easytobook.com guarantees that the whole process will be easy; with them, you have the low rates and the hotels in a single step.

Check Easytobook reviews to learn if they are one of the travel websites to watch out for.

How They Started

Easytobook place ReviewsWhy had more than 10 million stays been booked using Easytobook? The hotel travel booking website offers unbeatable deals through their online platform: discounted rates from more than 190 countries. Easytobook has presence in 300,000 hotels from all over the world. On their website, users can easily search and book their ideal hotel accommodation with the added advantage of no booking fee. As part of Easytobook’s development, they became part of the Hotel Travel Group.

One of the things that Easytobook promises is that the booking experience will be safe, secure, and more importantly, easy. Easytobook guarantees their service will be easy to use and the process simple. Check out the reasons why more than 10 million people selected Easytobook.com from their company description in this link.

What do People Think About Them?

We see that Easytobook stresses on the easier process it is using them over others, yet one of the Easytobook reviews complained that their service wasn’t easy to use at all, took a lot of time, and the payment wasn’t satisfying.

Easytobook is just like other online travel booking services; they may appear easy but this is because they do not complete the booking for their clients, or they do it so quickly that they make mistakes with other people’s information. To add to that, their customer service team – available round-the-clock- is not helpful.

Website and Services

Easytobook official website ReviewsTheir official website looks old-fashioned even if it’s in an orange colour scheme. One thing you’ll notice is that Easytobook stresses on their Best Rate Guarantee and their “easiness,” based from their name. The website searches through their travel network for the cheapest rates which they can present to their customers with each search so the latter don’t have to individually visit each travel website. Easytobook’s security and convenience has apparently been enhanced with their recent inclusion into the Hotel Travel Group, along with being a part of the MakeMyTrip (MMYT) – a NASDAQ listed travel group.

Type in your destination, area or hotel, and the check-in and check-out dates, and hit search to begin your search request. Aside from the other service-related information on their homepage, you can also view their recently booked deals. A link to their Easytobook reviews is at the bottom most part of the homepage.

Easytobook’s Customer Service Center is available 24/7, and can assist customers through telephone or fax. Outside of their business hours, you can also fill up the form in this link to get a response using your preferred language.

Meanwhile, read on their most frequently asked questions, here.

Contact information

  • Easytobook icon ReviewsWebsite URL: http://www.easytobook.com/
  • Contact number: US 8555811698
  • Contact Email: customercare@easytobook.com
  • Head Office Address: Oranje Nassaulaan 55 1E Verdieping, 1075 AK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Not an Easy Process

Easytobook doesn’t satisfy and doesn’t do its responsibilities well; their lack of conscientiousness turned off many reviewers and their promises are mere empty talk that, increasingly, look like a front.

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