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Classic International Hotels brand logoReviewsA business to take care of your business is pretty much how business process outsourcing works; in the world of travel and hotels that brings us to Classic International Hotels, an independent hotel group that helps hotels for a minimum fee – with “No franchise fees, royalty fees, or marketing fees.”

Our Classic International Hotels reviews will check out what this type of company or organisation does to fulfill their duties towards the hotels that trust them for their needs:

Origins and Ownership

Classic International Hotels has more than 1,200 member hotels. The group represents small to mid-sized hotels to drive the latter’s occupancy and reduce their costs. Classic International Hotels does all in their power to help sell as much of their member hotels’ rooms as possible, at the highest rates, and analyses their competition for them – these are done with the instant help of a full-service personal market specialist assigned to their hotel. With Classic International Hotels, the hotel that signs up to the group will be represented on all major online markets and placed on more than 100 major online travel websites. What sets Classic International Hotels apart is their fee structure based on “reservations delivered,” making them one of the cheapest options for this kind of service.

Unfortunately there are little information about Classic International Hotels online, including any details on their current leadership or CEO. In this case, we will rely on their company description and official website for our Classic International Hotels  reviews.

A View of their Website’s Qualities

What we immediately noticed upon visiting their official website was the crisp red and white background which somehow made our first impressions of them border on the negative, with the site’s unappealing external appearance which communicated that Classic International Hotels was showing limited information and wasn’t particularly enticing. Their layout and design seemed distant and unappealing because they do not know how to connect to people, people who are vital to their business – they speak directly to hotels.

The user interface is interchangeable between languages and is showing this option at the upper right hand portion. If you are a member to this website, you can log-in at the left side of the homepage. Aside from learning more about their hotels, you can also read further about Hotel Membership, and be adequately informed from their site.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:  +41 (0)27 966 34 20
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Staldenstrasse 58, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland

What we Think About Classic International Hotels

Classic International Hotels hotel entrance ReviewsPerhaps there is a reason why Classic International Hotels isn’t on the radar: there is nothing to be found online about their service, and no Classic International Hotels reviews, that they are relied on only by the few who had found them convincing despite the odds, and then did not bother to leave any Classic International Hotels reviews. Based on our Classic International Hotels reviews, the group seems to be knowledgeable about their own responsibilities, but the information on their website could be improved so that representatives won’t have to be sent for to further negotiate or ask for clarifications.

If you have anything to add to these Classic International Hotels reviews, feel free to leave your comments below!


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