Canberra Airport, as the name suggests, is located at Australia’s capital city, Canberra. It is managed and operated by Capital Airport Groups PTY, Ltd. The land property of the airport is divided into four areas; the passenger terminal and general aviation facility, the Brindabella Business Park, Fairbairn (the ex-air force base area), and the Majura Park.  More information about the airport will be discussed in this Canberra Airport Reviews.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Canberra Airport Reviews - Customer Reviews Canberra Airport Reviews - Customer Reviews

Some Canberra Airport Reviews say that the facilities are clean and well-maintained in this small airport, although some travelers complain about the airport having poor to no internet connection. Other Canberra Airport Reviews claim that the airport has fast security check, it is easy to navigate and being near the city center is also helpful.

Facilities and Services

Canberra Airport Reviews - Airport interiorCanberra Airport is committed to address the needs of their passengers, especially those who might require special assistance. Passengers who need special assistance or wheelchairs are advised to make the necessary arrangements in advance by contacting their respective airlines, tour guides or travel agents. While in the terminal, the airport staff can help navigate passengers through security screenings and facilities. The airlines will then assist the passenger when boarding and disembarking the aircraft. It also provides assistance to passengers who have lost their belongings within the terminal building.

It also has a new public departures lounge that has state of the art media and business lounges, different seating and meeting areas, bar and cafe dining areas, and private meeting rooms.

Canberra Airport Reviews - Limestone Cafe & Bar, CanberraThe airport has a variety of dining establishments in case the passengers feel like grabbing a bite. Tuk Chop, Hudsons Coffee, Limestone Cafe and Bar, and International Bar and Cafe are some of the dining establishments in the airport. Canberra also has shopping establishments like RELAY (located at the departures concourse) and JR/Duty Free (at the International Departures Terminal) for the passengers who wish to do some last minute shopping.

Free Wi-Fi hotspots are available in the International Departures Lounge and Express Pick-Up waiting lounge of the Canberra Airport. SIM Cards, Currency Exchange, ATMs, and pay phones are also accessible to passengers at the Departures Concourse.


Passengers can go to and from Canberra Airport by car, car rental, taxi and bus services. The Canberra Airport also has an Airport Navigator to help the passengers find their way around the airport.

Traffic and Aircraft Movements

Passenger traffic in Canberra Airport has dropped every year since 2010, compared to other airports in Australia who have experienced an increase the number of served passengers in the same year. It served some 2,814,717 passengers with 37,147 aircraft movements in 2015.


In 2016, Canberra Airport won an award for Specialized Tourism Services on the Canberra and Capital Region Tourism Awards.

Get in touch

  • Airport Code: CBR
  • Phone number: (+61 2) 6275 2222
  • Fax number: (+61 2) 6275 2244
  • Website URL:
  • Email:
  • Address: 2 Brindabella Circuit Canberra Airport ACT 2609 AU

To wrap it up

Canberra Airport may be a small airport but the different facilities of the airport are clean and well-maintained. It has limited dining and shopping establishment options, but other than that passengers are satisfied with the services offered by the airport.

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