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Arteh - Hotels and Resorts brand logo ReviewsArteh – Hotels and Resorts is a distinguished member of the online hotel chain community that strives to deliver their selection of hotels that are the best choices of their users, arranged at the most ideal prices to compliment vacationers’ travel experiences.

Let’s check out in these Arteh – Hotels and Resorts reviews what their website looks like and how effective their initiatives are in advertising their enterprise to a discerning clientele.

Origins and Ownership

Arteh - Hotels and Resorts hotel service ReviewsArteh is a Soft Brand Hotel Chain with “Marketing, Promotion and e-Distribution” as its main concerns. Basically, Arteh – Hotels and Resorts is a website where people can search for boutique hotels and resorts – City, Beach, Country or Mountain Hotels – and complete their online reservations with the hotel of their choice. Their hotels and homes run the gamut of forms, styles, and histories, and are places where one can get away and relax or delve deep into eye-opening cultural activities with it as the perfect backdrop.

Their Website
Arteh - Hotels and Resorts official website ReviewsUnfortunately, there are little to no Arteh – Hotels and Resorts reviews online from which to base our opinion on. In this case, we will rely on the general appearance of their official website to come up with our own Arteh – Hotels and Resorts reviews. Also, there are no information on any of their past or current leadership or CEO.

Upon landing on their official website, we noticed the dull gray and white colour scheme and the displays of casually-taken photographs, yet the layout was a little confusing because of the very small and strange-looking font. However, advertisements are streaming right below the upper tabs informing us of the latest exclusive offers and deals we shouldn’t miss with them. A featured hotel or hotel room is right at the middle of the homepage, but you can also view further information and browse through Arteh’s collection of hotels here. Basically, Arteh – Hotels and Resorts is suggesting hotels to their users and visitors on this latter page with a brief line describing each accommodation, the hotels of  which you can also add to your Favorites.

An option to subscribe to their newsletter is showing at the upper right hand portion of the page by entering in your name and email address. Next to this, you will also find that the site’s language is interchangeable and immediately amendable. We also see from our Arteh – Hotels and Resorts reviews, that Arteh has an online presence in several social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Visitors curious about the hotels they can See Details, however the site can be discouraging to browse further in because of its layout and design or because of the information overload.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: + 351 217 803 470
  • Contact Email:;
  • Fax Number: + 351 217 803 479
  • Head Office Address: Av. Defensores de Chaves, nº 56 – 1º, 1000-121 Lisboa, Portugal


Arteh - Hotels and Resorts interior ReviewsArteh – Hotels and Resorts, albeit looking crisp and clean, doesn’t seem to be offering the best deals or the best resorts and hotels as promised. Supposedly distinguishing themselves with the exclusivity of their selections, this is not evident when we visit their website; instead we felt that their choices were rushed and that they are only keeping up appearances, which is a great disappointment and something which they should have foreseen.

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