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Travellers who turn to the web for travel inspiration can easily be overwhelmed with the sheer number of choices which represent every type of accommodation. This can be a challenge to those who are beginning to envision their trip and the kind of place they would like to stay in. Your home away from home is a travel necessity no matter where you are going, and arrangements have to be an effective experience. AllTheRooms picked up on the assistance that a large volume of accommodation choices from all corners of the world can do.

We see from these AllTheRooms reviews that AllTheRooms is the only travel website that combines hotels with vacation rentals, secret deals, and other types of accommodations. It is their mission to present every single accommodation on their website as the first and most complete accommodation search engine.

Where They Came From

AllTheRooms Co-Founder CEO Reviews

AllTheRooms Co-Founder and CEO Joseph DiTomaso

Some travel websites can help with booking a flight or a car rental, and AllTheRooms has got your accommodations needs covered with their one-stop-shop service: their unique AllTheRooms travel website. AllTheRooms searches through their 400 providers and 900,000 rooms whenever you search for a place to stay, no matter what type of room or location of accommodation. Like other services of their kind, the searches are the results of customers’ preferences, and narrowing down your room choices has been simplified with the design and speed of AllTheRooms’ search engine.

It is AllTheRooms’ aim to have the most comprehensive accommodation choices in a single place. AllTheRooms’ case brings you almost a million choices of any kind of lodging from their online service. New York-based AllTheRooms, Inc. was established in 2013. Mr. Joseph DiTomaso co-founded the company and had been its CEO since August 2013. DiTomaso is an undergraduate of Colgate University with a Major in Physics and Philosophy, and has an -MBA from Columbia University.

How Does AllTheRooms Work?

AllTheRooms website ReviewsAllTheRooms scans all kinds of rooms for you once you click enter. They combine the websites of the top online travel agencies and give users the best prices to coordinate with their search specifications. With AllTheRooms, personalisation of each search is easy with the filters showing at the lefthand portion of the page – these show possible criteria so you can zero in on the best match. The accommodations are displayed with details, gallery, location, and reviews that can help you make your decisions. Their extensive filtering options are what set AllTheRooms apart; when you had chosen your room, AllTheRooms will lead you to the provider’s website to complete the booking.

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Contact information

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  • Contact number: 917-406-1213
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  • Head Office Address: 425 West 53rd Street, Suite 408, New York, NY 10019, United States

Choose Another Service

AllTheRooms Reviews brand logoAllTheRooms is a service for travellers on the go, however, people might be confused with all the website’s features. It won’t make for a light experience, and the rooms people may find can be from any place. AllTheRooms has to prove itself and build a positive reputation.

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