Airbnb App Reviews - Airbnb app logoAirbnb is a private company that specializes in offering hospitality services to their customers. The company offers short-term lodgings such as vacation and apartment rentals, hotel rooms, hostel beds or homestays. Airbnb was founded in August 2008 by Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky. The two were roommates and they came up with a clever idea of putting an air mattress on the living room of their loft, turning it into a bed and breakfast since they could no longer afford paying for the rent for their loft apartment in San Francisco.

In this Airbnb App Reviews, we will take a look at the features and services offered by the app, and what app users say about them.

The App’s Services and Features

Airbnb App Reviews - Airbnb app screenshotAirbnb is an online marketplace which allows their customers to find and rent short-term lodging in residential properties. With their unique system, the cost for the accommodation will be determined by the owner of the property and Airbnb just receives percentage service fee from both the host and the guests every time a booking is made. The company has over 3,000,000 listings in more than 65,000 cities in 191 countries. Travelers who would be using the app to look for a good place to stay can use filters to get the results by price, amenities, neighborhood, and other things that they prefer to have when choosing a place to stay at.

Travelers can use the app to book homes and experiences for their next journey, whether they’re traveling solo, with family or on a business trip. The app also allows the customer to look for last-minute accommodations or long-term rentals. Another feature of the app is that customers or app users can it to save their favorite homes, experience, and places, so they can do the planning with others who would be joining them on the trip.  Additionally, travelers who have booked a place to stay can use the app to contact their host and get directions to the property.

The Airbnb app allows the host to share their extra space to travelers or help them find activities and experiences which showcase the things that would make them come back to the destination again. The app can also be used to update their listings and calendar availability, as well as keeping in touch with the guests and managing their reservations.

Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

Here are some Airbnb reviews submitted by some customers who were either satisfied or dissatisfied with the services provided to them by the company.

Airbnb App Reviews - customer reviews



How To Reach Them?

To sum it up…

In this Airbnb App Reviews, we can see that the app has some good features and that using it could be a better experience than using the website itself. However, many app users who have been using the app for quite some time have been complaining a lot because they cannot login to their accounts and the app is not working at all. There are also some positive reviews, complimenting the app/company for having many hotel options and good app design.

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