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Air Serbia airplane ReviewsAir Serbia actually traces its roots from its establishment in 1927 as Aeroput which was replaced by Jugoslovenski Aerotransport (JAT) in 1948, which was then renamed to Jat Airways in 2003. However, record financial losses inspired the airline to form a strategic partnership with Etihad Airways with national Serbian airline Air Serbia holding 51% of the stakes and Etihad Airways 49% with five-year management rights. In 2013, Jat Airways became known as Air Serbia, which is Serbia’s flag carrier.

Our Air Serbia reviews look at the features and services of Serbia’s most prominent national symbol in aviation.

Origins of the Flag Carrier

In 2013, the flag carrier and largest airline of Serbia had been renamed from Jat Airways to Air Serbia, starting its operations under its new name on October 26, 2013 with an inaugural flight from Belgrade to Abu Dhabi. The return flight from Abu Dhabi to Belgrade was actually Air Serbia’s first revenue service.

As of 2015 Air Serbia reviews, the airline has recorded 2,450 employees across their group. With their company slogan, “The New Wings of Europe,” Air Serbia has a fleet size of 21 flying to 44 destinations with a company logo composed of a stylised double-headed eagle inspired by Serbia’s coat of arms and based on the work of graphic designer Tamara Maksimović.

Air Serbia CEO Reviews

Air Serbia CEO Dane Kondić

The current CEO of Air Serbia, Dane Kondić, has more than 25 years of experience within the aviation industry who had started his career with Qantas, having then held various leadership positions with several companies mostly based in Asia where he had been responsible for management. His skills enabled Air Serbia to turn around the 2013 losses to $3 million of profits in 2014.

Find Out People’s Comments

Air Serbia customer service ReviewsMany Air Serbia reviews recommend the airline to others after their remarkable positive experience flying with them. In fact, their “overall impression” was that is was a well-managed airline that had good cabin crew service and dining: “The aircraft was new and clean. The ground staff was efficient and the crew onboard was exceptionally cheerful and attentive.” This is apparently one of the best airlines they’d ever flown in; Air Serbia was notably punctual and served great full meals.

A View of Their Website

Air Serbia dining ReviewsBook, prepare, experience – Air Serbia has a simple layout and design that introduces their cabin classes Business Class and Economy Class. Since Air Serbia is currently in partnership with Etihad Airways, you’ll notice that you’re on their page as an Air Serbia Etihad Guest.

Air Serbia cabin ReviewsFood on Economy Class will depend on the duration of your flight. Business Class passengers can relax in business lounges at certain airports while they wait for their flight, and can rest in leather fully-reclining seats onboard and dine on specially prepared a la carte or Dine Anytime meals.

For flights to and from New York, passengers can avail of Duty Free shopping care of the Elevate Duty Free magazine which you can access in flight or online from before you fly. Meanwhile, when flying from Belgrade to New York, you are entertained with a range of Hollywood, Serbian, and international films and TV programmes and onboard Wifi service.

An option to subscribe to Air Serbia’s newsletter is showing at the bottommost part of the homepage; simply enter your email to sign up.

For more information, updates, and offers about Air Serbia, view their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: From Serbia: 0800 111 528; From other countries: +381 11 311 21 23
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Serbia

A Great Service

Air Serbia is one of the most professional national airlines in the world. Their single-year turnaround from losses to massive profits displays their excellent leadership acumen and their attention to detail and service excellence, while upholding Serbian hospitality on air.

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