A Few Useful Travel Apps for 2016

A Few Useful Travel Apps for 2016 Google Translate travel guide

In our previous reviews, we had written extensively on some beautiful travel destinations and what we can see or do in them, given travel advice and tips on creating even more wonderful memories, and written about landmarks, place features, and events. Now, in our A Few Useful Travel Apps for 2016 review, we turn to looking at what travellers are needing more and more of in 2016 as they leave their homes to that important and much-needed getaway: a travel app on their mobile device that would entertain and be a trusted source of help and information as they go.

“From trip planners and itinerary generators, to online marketplaces for accommodations and establishments, crowd-sourced reviews and more, there’s no shortage of applications to ensure your trip goes smoothly.” So, what does 2016 offer in terms of mobile travel apps?


A Few Useful Travel Apps for 2016 Citymapper“The Ultimate Transport App.” Citymapper gives commuters information on the best ways to get from one place to another via “walking, subway, bus, train, rail, ferry, Uber, taxi and cab, and bike share.” The bus and train data, times, are updated in real-time directly from the sources: transport authorities, and will be showing any changes to their own schedules as alerts. With Citymapper, feel like an insider navigating lesser-known routes as you save your favourite routes and get alerted by the directions about when to get off the vehicle.


A Few Useful Travel Apps for 2016 LiveTrekkerTrekking done live, create your own travel journal or diary directly as you live out your experiences for instant access to the Cloud or saved for viewing later. LiveTrekker media journeys are created to record your travels in geographic fidelity, and can be searched through using keywords, time, or GPS location to relive the memory, and can be shared on social media.

XE Currency Converter

A Few Useful Travel Apps for 2016 XE Currency ConverterWith more than 40 million downloads, XE Currency Converter is the most popular foreign exchange app on the market. Use this app to convert any of the world’s currencies, at their most updated rates, anywhere you are to get the most accurate pricing in any app. It works offline, storing the most recent monetary conversion rates.

To view a detailed list of the numerous features of the XE Currency Converter, view this link.

A Few Useful Travel Apps for 2016 Google TranslateA Few Useful Travel Apps for 2016 Google TranslateGoogle Translate

Google Translate allows its users to type into their mobile device or speak into their speaker a short phrase or message they want translated, which the system will translate for you, presented as the translated text or as a voice message. The famous app now has visual translation features so you can snap a shot of any visual media on the street and have that translated for you too.


A Few Useful Travel Apps for 2016 TravelstarterOn another note entirely, you have the option of acting like an angel investor with global crowdfunding platform Travelstarter, wherein participants and users can start or support local tourism projects and make themselves useful as they travel.

A Few Useful Travel Apps for 2016 screenWe hope that this list of A Few Useful Travel Apps for 2016 was able to inspire you with the multitude of functions that the year can offer through the apps coming out left and right. Some of these are classic travel apps that everyone probably knows about and uses on a daily basis, while others are discoveries to you that can help you see the world in a whole new different light. Be sure to check them out and reproduce what millions swear by that had saved and enriched their trips!


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