Texas is so massive, its complex culture is a given; from the sheer breadth of its land occupation, many things arise from the inevitable mix of climate, neighbouring influence, and their own cultural traditions. “An in depth analysis of Texas reveals it is a border region. It is a border between the Atlantic world and the United States. It is a border between the western prairies and the Deep South. It is a border between Mexico, influenced by Hispanic and Anglo traditions. It is a place of island communities from Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Mexico, Africa, southern Anglo populations, and historic tribes of Native Americans. Its culture is a complex blending and separation of the cultures different people originally brought with them to Texas,” a Texas place profile writes about the Mighty State.

5 Unusual Cultural Traditions in Texas kayak

We collect 5 Unusual Cultural Traditions in Texas to share some interesting facts about what goes on in the Lone Star State:

1. Friendly state

5 Unusual Cultural Traditions in Texas flag

Texans have friendly natures and are very patriotic. The American flag is flown here more than in other states. Their people’s warmth and openness is evident in their interaction with others; they’d chat up with strangers, wave to other drivers, and say hello to you on the street. They accept their Latino/Latina heritage and their love for Texas is seen on everything from Texas-flag-shaped food to Texas-shaped coasters.

2. High on culture

5 Unusual Cultural Traditions in Texas High School football

Texan girls don’t fail to dress up with “Mums,” or chrysanthemums: typically artificial flowers with usually floor-length ribbons to Homecoming. Meanwhile, boys wear “Boutonnieres” or small garters worn around the arm. High school Texans take their school year’s football games just as seriously as colleges take college football with their jam-packed high school auditoriums, athlete interviews on television, and the exclusive Texan tradition of supporting only Texas teams..

3. Boots for everyday

5 Unusual Cultural Traditions in Texas boots

Boots are pretty common in Texas. Think “cowboy boots,” and people riding around in horses, and their local music: Willie Nelson, Janis Joplin – all Texan stereotypes. Though boots can be a strange sight sometimes, most people own at least one pair for work and one for casual wear. So the next time you see a Texan traipsing down in boots, you’ll know where they come from!

4. Hot and spicy

5 Unusual Cultural Traditions in Texas food jalapeno

Texans like it big. They like it hot and spicy. They eat jalapeno peppers with everything. They eat Whataburgers and Shiner beer, melted cheese; they substitute turkey and ham for brisket on holidays i.e. Thanksgiving or Christmas. Their gustatory taste covers the bespoke Texas barbecue and the local fusion of Mexican, American, and Southwestern cuisines called Tex-Mex cuisine.

5. Speedster road

5 Unusual Cultural Traditions in Texas road

Texans don’t mind taking long car rides at all. Or dangerous ones. Known for speeding down long roads, these fiery locals also take 45-minute drives to eat out for dinner, and don’t think twice about it. Another road-related tradition of the friendly Texan is paying respect to a funeral procession they encounter on the road. A Texan would step out of his vehicle in the middle of traffic, hat in hand, and watch in respectful silence.

There’s more to Texas than what meets the eye. Its culture is seeped in a love for their history and their respect for people.

5 Unusual Cultural Traditions in Texas ranch

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