Travelling the world means getting out of your comfort zone and learning more about your host country or destination in order to grow as a person and acquire more valuable memories and life experiences. No matter where you are, you ought to remember that keeping the environment as clean as possible should always be on your must-do list, no matter where that is situated among your travel priorities. Locals try to sustain their own environment and expect visitors to respect the places they visit.

5 Key Tips for Eco-Friendly Travelling earth

Here, we gathered 5 of the most basic tips eco-friendly travellers can start with, to give you an idea of what things you can do to help keep the earth clean and green, most at no cost but a little hindsight.

I. Before

Boarding the Plane

Preparing for a green trip starts back at home while you’re packing for your trip. Not only does having less baggage save you from excess baggage fees or from the stress of carrying heavy luggage, you can help reduce the airplane’s carbon emissions if the plane weighs less. For if the less the baggage weight on the plane the less the carbon footprint, packing light is not only a lesson in discipline but is the way to go.

5 Key Tips for Eco-Friendly Travelling plane board pack light

II. During

Keeping it Green

Carry an environmentally friendly bag when shopping or wandering. Use reusable water bottles or aluminum bottles to reduce the pile of empty water bottles you leave as you travel. Eco-friendly alternatives such as these reusable bags and water containers are alternatives to the plastic bags and plastic bottles and can save you money and the environment. Practically break-proof, they can be used again for whatever purpose. Coupled with their lightness on your wallet, you can really help keep earth green with each step.

5 Key Tips for Eco-Friendly Travelling reusable bag

Use friendly transportation

Means of getting around like walking, bicycling, or taking the public transportation are cheaper than using a cab or a car. Reducing your carbon footprint by eschewing the carbon emissions from private transport, they are very econo-friendly, fun and practical, and can give you opportunities to see and interact with the place through different ways.

5 Key Tips for Eco-Friendly Travelling transportation

Don’t wander off the beaten path

It’s good to wander off the beaten path when travelling, but avoid doing this when hiking or trekking. Marked trails are set because they do not intrude on natural features or other animals and should be strictly followed lest you risk destroying a precious location.

III. After


This last tip for eco-friendly travel covers a range of activities that directly impact the footprint we leave in our host country and which we can possibly take home with us. Usually, hotels have a recycling program. If they do not, consider taking home the items you can recycle. Recycle and reuse wisely, conserving electricity in your hotel room by shutting appliances when not in use.

Sustainable tourism, eco-friendly travel. All of these point to a traveller’s voyage towards becoming one with a place and the nature he encounters, and are means towards saving our environment.

5 Key Tips for Eco-Friendly Travelling traveller

What can you say about our travel tips and advice? Do you agree with our list or have some tips about eco-friendly travel you wish to add? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!


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