As a traveller, your main concern would be to represent your nationality and country and act appropriately and respectfully in your host nation. When in Paris, there are a number of cultural things you shouldn’t do. Paris, one of the most cultural and beautiful places in the world, has a distinct lifestyle and language locals are proud of where certain things are permissible and others not. Parisiennes may throw tourists a disapproving look for transgressing some of their cultural mores or by offending them through their actions. So, it pays to know what are the things that you shouldn’t do in Paris to make the most of the incredible City of Lights and Love.

5 Cultural Things You Shouldn't Do in Paris statue

1. Don’t waste time on the usual attractions

Stepping all the way to the tops of the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysees, or waiting in line to enter the Louvre and kneel on the relics of the world’s greatest masterpieces are all amazing sights and things to do. But, they’re wastes of time if they’re the only activities you have planned in Paris. Smaller museums throughout the art capital will broaden your horizon and come cheaper. Besides, Paris’ world famous tourist attractions had become massively commercialised in time that the most authentic experiences are found beyond it, in small neighborhoods and hidden gems.

5 Cultural Things You Shouldn't Do in Paris attraction

2. Don’t spend money on traditional gifts and souvenirs

Always try going off the beaten path, wherever you find yourself. Traditional shopping places have their charms, but it’s the boutiques and flea markets or stands that’ll give you the best mementos from Paris. Not only do their wares probably come cheaper, the items’ distinctness and difficulty to acquire make them priceless souvenirs.

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3. Don’t look out of place

In one of our previous culture reviews, we reported the lifting of the dress ban on Parisian women recently. Despite this, French chic’s unspoken dress code demands men to dress like Italians and French women to mind their manners and clothes when entering certain restaurants or even simply stepping out. French women are known for their fashion sense, and as a visitor to France, it would be best to forego the clothes they do not wear outdoors. Casual chic is their signature look: tailored suits, heels, and skirts attire are expected among locals and tourists.

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4. Don’t fall under the tourist trap

Food-loving Paris has some tricks up their chefs’ sleeves. Don’t fall under the trap as a tourist by heading straight into a nearby restaurant from some major tourist attraction: chances are their food prices are steep. Many places in Paris’ most-visited attractions are more expensive. You can save more by exploring the city’s lesser known corners and discover the details you would not have known.

5 Cultural Things You Shouldn't Do in Paris food

5. Don’t expect too much

Paris charm is known the world over: the reason why travellers journey forever to pay it a visit. Despite it being known as a postcard worthy destination populated with interesting and fashionable people, as a tourist, don’t approach it with a fixed impression in your mind. What makes Paris even more attractive is its uniqueness and how much more real the experience is if you venture from stereotypes and the beaten path.

5 Cultural Things You Shouldn't Do in Paris culture

Remember our 5 cultural things you should avoid the next time you are in Paris. Following this guide can help you derive the most out of your stay in this city.

5 Cultural Things You Shouldn't Do in Paris street activity

What can you say about our culture reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!



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