There are a couple of ways to describe the unique North pole of the world: the vast and isolated Arctic. The two most common definitions of the Arctic region are the “region north of the Arctic Circle” and the “region in which the average temperature of the warmest month is under 10°C (50°F).” Canada, Russia, the United States of America, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland all have parts of their territory within the Arctic.

5 Cool Highlights of the Arctic Circle country

While the Arctic’s cold beauty is certainly enchanting and interesting, it’s also the home of many peoples, animals, plants, and more that made their home in such an extreme environment. The unforgettable image of snow and endless expanses of ice and water remains long after we step off the Arctic region and the Arctic Circle and makes us remember the diverse habitats and places the earth has. In these new reviews, let’s discover some cool highlights about the Arctic Circle or the Arctic region:

1. Wildlife

5 Cool Highlights of the Arctic Circle wildlife

The Arctic region may look frigid and desolate, but during its coldest months, even more animals are observed to be active. These creatures come alive at the Arctic during the very cold temperatures, growing in and populating the place.

2. Ice and Water

5 Cool Highlights of the Arctic Circle ice water

It’s crystal clear that the Arctic Ocean is a massive body of water. This ocean spans 5.4 million miles. Numerous countries have parts of their territory within the territory of the Arctic Circle, including the United States of America and other European countries.

While clearly a mesmerizingly beautiful part of the world, the Arctic contains so much ice that when melted would raise the sea levels by more than twenty feet. In fact, global warming had already caused the Arctic to shrink.

3. Sun

5 Cool Highlights of the Arctic Circle night

Children may be astonished to hear that one of the regions of the world that fascinates them has plants, wildlife, or even this: the Arctic region is called the “Land of the Midnight Sun” and also “Polar Nights” since the sun never sets during the summer and never rises during the winter for months at a time.

4. Cool Place

5 Cool Highlights of the Arctic Circle place

The glacial white Arctic keeps cool in part due to its reflection of sunlight. The region helps stabilise the whole world’s climate as well. Meanwhile, another way the temperature of the Arctic remains cool is the bird guano that release gases which contribute to cloud cover and the cooling of the temperature.

5. The Arctic Circle

5 Cool Highlights of the Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle, running parallel to the earth’s equator, is an imaginary line at the top of the globe at 66 degrees, 33 minutes North. As the earth rotates on a tilt, the Arctic Circle at the northernmost part of the globe has at least one day with no sun setting and at least one day with no sun rising, which is what the Arctic Circle region is.

There are much more fun facts to discover about the Arctic Circle and the region. As one of the most curious lands, the Arctic is a natural setting for the most daring explorations of a traveller.

5 Cool Highlights of the Arctic Circle dwelling place

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