5 Attractive Tourist Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Places to Visit in Hong Kong boat seaWhat are 5 Attractive Tourist Places to Visit in Hong Kong nowadays? Hong Kong had topped the list as the most-visited city in the world, and given their rich past and culture, the pulsating life within this densely-populated city shows their endless resourcefulness and attention to detail and enjoyment.

  1. The Peak

Places to Visit in Hong Kong The PeakThey say, when in Hong Kong, if you must go anywhere, go to The Peak. This is the highest point in Hong Kong Island – rising at 396 meters above sea level – the quickest way to reach which is via The Peak Tram. Ascending is part of the journey, as you view the skyline of Hong Kong Island from incredible vantage points on the way; basically, The Peak Tower is the tops of an anvil-shaped landmark or monument; Sky Terrace 428 will not only be a great place to have tourist-y fun but affords matchless 360-degree views of the sweeping panorama at your feet.

  1. Hong Kong Disneyland

Places to Visit in Hong Kong DisneylandWho would ever forget one of the world’s best known amusement parks or Disneylands? Though, despite their fame, this had once been the least-visited of all the Disneylands, especially during the first years when they were just starting.

However, the Disneyland team had cleverly arranged Hong Kong Disneyland with even feng shui in mind to coordinate with local cultural mores and traditions. The result was a park laid out into themed “lands,” where once inside one, you’ll really get caught up in the fantasy world; it takes a visit to truly know this magical place.

  1. Ladies Market

Places to Visit in Hong Kong Ladies MarketLadies Market, Mongkok, is a Hong Kong shopping center: a bulletin board where all the latest trends and fashions rotate on a continual basis, where the windowless stalls – aside from allowing windowless shopping – are regularly updated when the newest thing from the markets arrive. Visitors are recommended to take this area slowly but surely; take time to ponder gift or souvenir ideas in Hong Kong’s most popular market, and taste the dining that comes with the shopping experience – perfect for any first-time traveller to the 5 Attractive Tourist Places to Visit in Hong Kong.

  1. Nathan Road

Places to Visit in Hong Kong Nathan RoadMeanwhile, in Kowloon, Hong Kong, Nathan Road is situated, traversing the south-north direction from Tsim Sha Tsui to Sham Shui Po. Getting the facts straight, the entirety of Nathan Road runs 3.6 km, and it’s reckoned to be Hong Kong’s most photographed street; all its buildings are hung with signs and advertisements, and with the hustle and bustle of the shops and restaurants on this street, its role as a commercial center and one of the 5 Attractive Tourist Places to Visit in Hong Kong is pronounced.

  1. Man Mo Temple

Places to Visit in Hong Kong Man Mo TempleSkylines, markets, Disneyland. We shouldn’t forget that Hong Kong is also a land of temples, Man Mo Temple being the oldest and most revered one. Know that it was dedicated for the worship of the God of Literature Man Tai and the God of War Mo Tai. Actually, there are several Man Mo Temples throughout Hong Kong, yet during your visit, envelop yourself in the haze of incense wafting from overhead coils, lit by the devout and the principal attraction of this site.

Places to Visit in Hong Kong touristThese 5 Attractive Tourist Places to Visit in Hong Kong are so inspiring, filled with life lessons about staying true to yourself and being open-minded while loving your heritage. These are reasons Hong Kong is one of the top destinations in the world: they know how to make places come to life.

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