There are hundreds of reasons to visit Spain, a beautiful whimsical country that mixes modern conveniences with the ancient attractions they could afford. Walk around Spain’s sunny vistas and take in all the art and culture that pulses beneath and gives people a sense of freedom and enjoyment.

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Join us as we list down 5 Attractive Reasons to Visit Spain, based on aspects of lifestyle there that as a tourist you’ll find most attractive.

1. The best beaches in the world

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Spain’s statistically the sunniest country in Europe; it receives more than 300 days of sunshine within the year and has a lot more in store beneath the sun. There are a wide number and variety of beaches throughout this part of the Iberian peninsula where tourists can surf, tread on golden sand, or hide away among the more secluded parts of the bay.

Also, Spain’s beaches are officially the best in the world; more than 577 of them had just been awarded Blue Flag status showing they’re not only beautiful but accessible to all kinds of people.

2. Ancient sites like the Alhambra de Granada

5 Attractive Reasons to Visit Spain Reviews Alhambra

Along with the Mezquita de Córdoba, the Alhambra de Granada is a glorious remnant of the Moors from back in the 13th century, and affords a great view of the Andalusian countryside, marking a perfect pitstop for art and history lovers who want to be educated and experience the intricate designs and details of the ‘The Red One” structure – after all the centuries, still remarkably intact.

The Alhambra is the most-visited monument of Spain and had been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984, and features monuments, museums, and brilliant gardens.

3. Exotic cuisine and sangria

5 Attractive Reasons to Visit Spain Reviews food

Visit Spain for their exotic cuisine, such as “exquisite jamon, Valencian paella, Andalusian gazpacho, amazing seafood, Crema Catalana, tortilla de patatas, Queso Manchego.” Drink in authentic sangria – a must-try in Spain – and their seafood paella which you can enjoy with their good wine and champagne.

4. Art and Culture of their major cities

5 Attractive Reasons to Visit Spain Reviews art cities

Alhambra aside, Spain is the birthplace of some of art’s biggest names such as painters Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. Culture-rich cities house museums dedicated to their famous playwrights such as Federico Garcia Lorca, with the El Museo del Prado in Madrid displaying paintings by Goya and Velasquez, but it is architecture, especially the modernistic works of Antoni Gaudí, that are Spain’s main attractions.

5. It’s cheaper than most

5 Attractive Reasons to Visit Spain Reviews cheap dining

There are a thousand of good reasons to visit rich and sunny Spain, but that doesn’t mean it will break the bank. Travellers will find that a fine meal in away from the glare of the sun wouldn’t be too expensive, and that the country’s summer resorts had been commended for their good offered rates.

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Spain’s going to be a good memory for anyone, and their passion for preserving their most noteworthy achievements makes it worth the visit to learn more about this country compelling on so many scales.

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