Bright city lights in the dark, a proliferation of resort hotels, 24-hour casinos, and other leisure attractions, and endless ways to get wasted are some things that come to mind when hearing the word “Las Vegas,” or simply, “Vegas.” This southern Strip of entertainment, nightlife, and endless partying in Nevada’s Mojave Desert is world-famous for loose living and being active all day and all night.

4 Wise Tips to Save Money in Las Vegas savings

Anything could happen; as the adage goes, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” so how great would it be if travellers can save money by making wise decisions while in this city, known for its infinite places where you can spend money rather than save it. Savings can be made if you consider these 4 Wise Tips to Save Money in Las Vegas:

1. Make a Spending Plan

4 Wise Tips to Save Money in Las Vegas plan

Before you arrive or en route, conceive of a spending plan you can stick to throughout the duration of your stay. If you’ll curb your gambling instincts, avoid slot machines or regulate your addictive activities, your money can survive your stay while you have reasonable fun on a budget. The casinos and gaming can majorly drain your pocket here, but if you decide that the free outdoor spectacles and wholesome activities, and little tricks like eating buffets, are enough, you’ll find that you can sneak in a healthy dose of fun, too, but not go overboard.

2. Make Use of the Discounts and Deals all Over the Place

4 Wise Tips to Save Money in Las Vegas saving

Your hotel may have a rewards card so that each time you play, dine, shop or stay with them, you can earn points redeemable towards a number of perks and advantages. Other casinos have player’s cards that keep track of your wins and losses and which are likewise redeemable towards rewards. While, some booths sell tickets to entertainment events in Las Vegas at discounts; save money in Las Vegas as well by using promo codes, coupons, and apps that guide you the cheapest destinations and services.

3. Live Life Cheap

4 Wise Tips to Save Money in Las Vegas buffet saving

Don’t be ashamed of being a cheapskate in Las Vegas; by the time you get there, people are expecting you’re there to blow your wallet, though seeing you’re living on a shoestring, they’ll know you’re not caught up in the spending hype. Unashamedly pay a little more dollars to avail of even more on top of your hotel’s all-you-can-eat buffet, so you don’t have to blow big bucks on restaurants. Drive to lesser known attractions just beyond Vegas for characteristically budget-friendly experiences; this will help you have a bigger view of the place as a tourist.

4. In Transit on the Fast Lane

4 Wise Tips to Save Money in Las Vegas bus

Try renting a car as cab fares can add up. From the airport, try teaming up in a single cab with another traveller so your fare can be split among you. Use the casino shuttle services and buses that come at good fees of $8 for a whole-day experience. On another note, book your flights, accommodations, and more during the off-season – summer – for lower deals on everything; timing your visit to Las Vegas is key to saving money.


Don’t blink in case you overspend; with all the things going on in Las Vegas, travellers are fully aware that all their actions have consequences, or that all their actions are costing them, and after all – Las Vegas is the best place on earth to test your money-saving mettle.

4 Wise Tips to Save Money in Las Vegas transportation

We hope that you found these 4 Wise Tips to Save Money in Las Vegas helpful. Feel free to leave your comments here below!

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