You don’t have to venture far from Europe to glimpse a handful of stunning natural wonders. The continent that contributed much Art and culture is a natural melting pot of sites formed by Mother Nature that make the place even more interesting – from ice caves, to secret colourfully-lit grottoes and the cobblestoned pathways leading into the sea, Europe is made even more beautiful by the hands of time and nature.

4 Stunning Natural Wonders in Europe falls

Visit some of the major nations in Europe in this list and discover the natural wonders that had formed in each throughout the years: a lesson in appreciation and deeper understanding that will also expose you to some of the 4 Stunning Natural Wonders in Europe.

4 Stunning Natural Wonders in Europe boat

1. Eisriesenwelt, Austria

4 Stunning Natural Wonders in Europe Austria

Located in Werfen, Austria, the Eisriesenwelt is the world’s largest ice cave and is a limestone and ice cave extending more than 42 km. It’s name means “World of the Ice Giants” in German, and is so cold inside throughout the year – as temperatures are below freezing – that its thousands of visitors are recommended to always dress warmly.

When visiting the caves – open from May 1 to October 26 every year – taking photographs is not permitted, and the tour leads deeper into the cave, underground, and back out again to the entrance after passing several of Eisriesenwelt’s key landmarks, taking 85 minutes.

2. Dune of Pilat, France

4 Stunning Natural Wonders in Europe Dune Pilat

Another beautiful and distinct natural wonder in Europe would be its tallest sand dune: the Dune of Pilat in France’s Arcachon Bay area. With measurements at 500 m wide from east to west, 2.7 km from north to south, and 110 meters above sea level, it gets taller due to the sand being blown in. From its peak, it affords a perfect view of the waters and of the sunset, though climbing it is no less challenging.

3. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

4 Stunning Natural Wonders in Europe Giant's Causeway

UNESCO World Heritage Site Giant’s Causeway was formed by an ancient volcanic eruption – not by the hands of a giant – and now looks like a stunning dark cobbled pavement leading towards the sea. It’s best described as a collection of around 40,000 black basalt cliffs and columns whose edges usually have 6 almost-perfect sides or are usually hexagonal, though other rocks have as much as eight sides, with some columns as tall as 12 meters in height.

4. Blue Grotto, Italy

4 Stunning Natural Wonders in Europe Blue Grotto

For those craving a still communion with nature, the almost religious experience upon embarking a tour into Italy’s Blue Grotto offers the fascinating sight of a vivid all-encompassing blue ambience, with the seawater of the indoor sea cave being illuminated from an underwater cavity and illuminating the cavern. The Blue Grotto’s cave is 60 m long, 25 m wide, and 150 m deep, and to enter, one must lie flat on a small boat only during low tide when the cave’s entrance is accessible.

4 Stunning Natural Wonders in Europe cliff

We hope that you found this review informative! There are many places in Europe that are worth visiting, and this review showed that all parts of the world have unique natural wonders that make travelling to them a wonderful experience.

If you want to visit one of these 4 Stunning Natural Wonders in Europe, feel free to leave your comment here below!

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