Travelling is one way of experiencing a different kind of lifestyle. It can take you far and wide, making you experience things that are new to you and for some, getting a feel of the place can be felt in airport lounges, some of which are among the most luxurious in the world.

The Middle East boasts these four standout airport lounges, distinguished by the richness of their services and the attention to travellers’ luxury.

1. Emirates First Class lounge: Dubai International Airport

4 Luxurious Airport Lounges in the Middle East Emirates First Class lounge Dubai International Airport

This is the largest first class airport lounge in the world by sheer size. The length of the Emirates First Class lounge runs the whole terminal of Dubai International Airport. Known as a luxurious tourist destination, the country has a massive lounge distinguished by a rich medley of services that’ll leave you really impressed at the extent travellers can get pampered. From showers, cigar bars, Duty Free shops and restaurants, rooms to rest in, and a wine cellar, the Emirates First Class lounge filled its space with the greatest options for relaxation and entertainment while at the airport.

2. Oman Air First Class lounge: Muscat International Airport

4 Luxurious Airport Lounges in the Middle East Oman Air First Class lounge Muscat International Airport

If you ever wanted being driven to your plane in a limo from a lounge, that level of luxury is possible with the Oman Air First Class lounge of Muscat International Airport. Everything about the Oman Air First Class lounge is designed with and breathes luxury. The moment you step in, you can easily indulge in a number of unique services, from a gourmet culinary experience prepared by a personal chef, massages and shower rooms, to the availability of a business center and a relaxation area making the lounge feel like a spa or resort experience with a personal chauffeur service when you’re ready to depart.

3. First Class lounge: Doha Hamad International Airport

4 Luxurious Airport Lounges in the Middle East First Class lounge Doha Hamad International Airport

Doha Hamad International Airport’s First Class lounge gives first class passengers at the airport and QR Privilege Club and oneworld alliance members access to one of the Qatari airport’s premier luxurious lounges. This lounge is located on the airport’s Concourse A, level 2. In it, you can avail of their complimentary free hi-speed WiFi, use their showers, spend time in the conference rooms, smoking rooms, family rooms, or work at the business centre. Another great luxury lounge at Doha Hamad International Airport is the Al Mourjan Business Lounge, showcasing the country’s culture and their take on luxury.

4. Petra lounge: Amman Queen Alia International Airport

4 Luxurious Airport Lounges in the Middle East Petra lounge Amman Queen Alia International Airport

The large Petra lounge redefines luxury for Amman Queen Alia International Airport, offering a beautiful and welcome retreat for travellers at the Jordanian airport. Entertainment options are extensive from WiFi, television, newspapers and magazines, and Internet terminals. For dining, snacks, premium food, and beer, wine, spirits, and liquor can be accessed. Like most airport lounges, it has a smoking area; on the other hand, you can pay for use of the Petra lounge’s conference rooms and private rooms.

4 Luxurious Airport Lounges in the Middle East place

The Middle East’s focus on creating beautiful and luxurious surroundings to reflect their own culture and make their airports’ lounges feel like you’re always flying first-class make the airport experience highly worthwhile.

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