Travelling comes with its unique challenges. When you’re travelling abroad – especially alone – you face a lot of potential dangers unique to you, and which you have to watch out for to keep safe and healthy in a foreign land. With all the news on media about the recent world crises and events, staying safe while travelling abroad as a foreigner or tourist is now a more important consideration.

4 Basic Tips to Stay Safe When Travelling Abroad airplane

With these 4 Basic Tips to Stay Safe When Travelling Abroad, you readers can learn more about what things you can be aware of when in a different country to stay safe.


Credit Cards, and Other Travel Information

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Bring just the important credit cards with you, because it would be unnecessary to do otherwise. Leave the rest of your plastics at home with your family. Also, make electronic and printed copies of your travel information such as your passport and license, and keep the originals in your person wherever you are so you’ll always have your identification when abroad. In the case of theft of these documents, you’ll have your back-ups with you; just make sure that they’re in safe places.

With the rest of your valuables, spread them out in different places for safekeeping, again in the instance of theft so all your important belongings don’t get lost in one go.

Stay Posted and Stay Watchful

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This particular tip should be practised wherever you are, but since you know less about the host country you’re visiting, it’s better to keep off the dark strange streets at night. Know what places to avoid as you assimilate yourself into the country’s culture and only ask for directions from trustworthy individuals or sources, and regularly keep in touch with your loved ones. While you’re at it, share your travel itinerary with at least one person from home who can contact the proper authorities when you go missing or something goes wrong.

Don’t Blatantly Advertise that you’re a Tourist

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Tourists can be vulnerable. In that case, to avoid being a victim by undesirable locals or other folk, try not to look too much like an unwary and innocent tourist, as this makes you an attractive target for all sorts of criminal activity. If you’re caught wearing some heels you recently bought there, people can pull one on you. In this case, look confident that you know where you’re going, dress comfortably and don’t attract too much attention, and don’t advertise your foreign accent to avoid being taken advantage of.

Trust Yourself

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When travelling alone, you have to trust yourself: you’re alone in strange surroundings so open up your gut and your instinct and be wide awake instead of passive from your touring outdoors to keeping your hotel room and belongings locked and safeguarded indoors. If something feels wrong, don’t do it. Protect yourself by being polite; make friends while making yourself feel safe.

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Travelling will require open-mindedness, and learning these tips prepares you to keep safe during your whole journey. We hope that you found these 4 Basic Tips to Stay Safe When Travelling Abroad informative and helpful. The next time you travel abroad, keep these in mind for not only a safe return home but to make the most of your travel experience.

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